5 Fun Ways to Add Personality to Your Bathroom

A good way of knowing a person is through their bathrooms. It is a personal haven. The bathroom is where we let go of our inhibitions. It is inside this space that we shed our public person and come face to face with our most honest selves.

It is for this reason that clean bathrooms give a good impression on the homeowner. If the bathroom is neat and tidy It translates to good hygiene, responsible homeownership, and a pleasant character.

A bathroom is a few square meters wide. Will it be too much to design? That’s the thing! The small working area allows us to be creative in many ways. Here are ways to add some of our quirks to the bath while maintaining a clean and relaxing use.

1. Choose the Best Drapes

Curtains add charm and flair to a room. Your bathroom curtains should be double the width of the window. Long curtains that puddle on the floor give a rich and elegant look. Curtains that skim the floor are for the clean tidy look. If you prefer shorter curtains, the bottom of the cloth should brush the window sill. 

A pet peeve for some people is wet bathroom floors. Some bathrooms do not have separate doors to divide the shower and tub area from the toilet. Use water-resistant shower curtains to avoid water splashing on the floor. Bathroom curtains divide the toilet and washbasin from the shower creating privacy. Match your shower curtains and window curtains or go for complementary designs or colors.

2. Paint the walls

The bathroom usually has very little free wall thus serving as the backdrop. White gives a clean feel and it also allows the sanitary wear, furniture, and accessories inside the bath to stand out.  

Blue is a classic shade for bathroom paint, it also does not go out of style easily. Warm neutrals are very versatile. Green is soothing to the eye and reminds us of nature. It contrasts well with wooden tones and is combined with pink or peach tones.

There are no set rules about appropriate color, at the end of the day, it is your choice. Pick a color that responds most to your emotion. Check the paint sample under artificial light and daylight. Light can mellow or enhance the paint color you choose.

3. Pot a Plant

Plants and bathrooms have a mutual relationship. Plants make the bathroom a more pleasant place. It improves not only the décor but also air quality. Bathrooms typically have high humidity providing a perfect environment for tropical plants. Also, water to irrigate the plants is close at hand.

Orchids, Golden Pothos, and Snake plants are a few plant examples that suit the bathroom environment. Air plants too do not need soil and they love moisture and heat. They can cope with low light conditions like that of the bathroom.

Plants are not just good for the eyes but health as well. Plants purify the air, boost mood, relieve stress and anxiety, and increase productivity and concentration.

4. Hang Full-Length Mirrors

Using mirrors is a common trick to give a small room the feel of a wider space. To create the illusion of added space, pick big model mirrors. Big enough that it stretches from the ceiling to the floor. Big enough to cover the entire wall space above your sink area. Two smaller mirrors above the sink will break the trick effect.

Floor to ceiling mirrors lengthens the bathroom. If you have a free wall, you could install a whole mirror to heighten the effect.  You could also arrange multiple mirrors of varying sizes in a gallery type way for the same effect.

Position mirrors in a way that light could bounce on the mirror. Hang a mirror across the window in your bathroom or have mirrors opposite each other creating an endless alleyway.

5. Position Some Lights

Proper lighting enhances the ambiance and overall look of the bathroom. Know which light bulbs are best for the bathroom. LED lights are expensive but it is energy-saving and it lasts longer than fluorescent or incandescent. These lights make colors look great.

Flank mirrors with lights for the illusion of additional light. Make sure you have a good light source be it natural daylight or artificial light to get the best effects of your color choices and design.

Is it too much for a little space?

The bathroom is where we get real with ourselves after a long tiring day at work. It is a place we can let our hair down to relax, have a good cry and build confidence up. You can break into the latest pop songs and dance to the beat of old hits as you shave and wax.

Bathrooms do not have to have all the things mentioned above. The most important thing is to keep our bathrooms clean and functioning. Function before fashion. Learn to keep things orderly first. In simple ways, we can add a splash of quirk to our bathroom. Look around, and get creative!