Signs That Your Furnace Is Begging For Maintenance

Heating professionals recommend preventive maintenance for several reasons. First, it helps your system last longer and stay efficient as it ages. Preventive maintenance also does what its name suggests it prevents problems by allowing the technician to spot small problems before they get worse. When a furnace runs too long without maintenance, it often gives off “warning signals” to let you know trouble is coming. If you start to see these symptoms, your furnace needs professional service before freezing temperatures hit.


1. Weak Air Flow

If the warm air coming from your walls or floor vents is so weak that it can’t heat your home, you have an airflow problem. An excessively dirty air filter sometimes causes insufficient air flow, in which case it is enough to replace the air filter to solve the problem. If your furnace still produces poor airflow after replacing the filter, a technician may need to clean the fan or repair the fan belt, bearings, or motor.


2. Strange Sounds

Your furnace will never run in complete silence, but certain sounds indicate a problem with the system. If your furnace whines or rattles, there may be parts inside that have become loose or worn. If your furnace explodes, it’s important to call a technician right away. A boom means there is a problem with your furnace’s ability to ignite, allowing gas to build up inside the unit.

3. Yellow Or Orange Flame

When everything is working correctly, the flame of your furnace will be blue. A yellow or orange flame can indicate several different problems. In some cases, it is enough to clean the burner. If the flame is still yellow or orange after that, then the furnace is not providing the correct gas to oxygen ratio. In other words, it’s time to call a technician.


4. High Energy Bills

If it seems like your heating costs are rising every year, it’s probably not your imagination. As your furnace ages, it gradually loses efficiency. Without regular maintenance,  New furnace  monroe county Michigan, you will notice a drop in efficiency much sooner in the form of higher energy bills. As your furnace runs, it gets dusty and dirty, and its parts begin to wear. As a result, the system has to work harder to reach the desired temperature in your home. When a technician services the system, he helps the furnace return to its “former glory” by cleaning it and taking care of its neglected components.