Getting Your Home Organised for Christmas

Christmas can be an exciting and joyful time, but it can also feel overwhelming if you’ve got a long to-do list. Hosting a Christmas event or having guests to stay over the holiday period can mean even more things to get on top of.

Creating a list (and checking it twice) is a good way to plan ahead so that you’ve got enough time to do everything. Don’t forget to enjoy the process, get the family involved and share the responsibilities around.

To help you stay organised, here are 10 steps to getting your home ready for Christmas this year.

1. Declutter Your Home

Start by giving your house a good old declutter. Get each family member to do their own room, or focus on the kitchen, bathroom and living room if you’re running out of time. Don’t forget, good quality items can be donated to a local charity store.

Consider reorganising your kitchen cupboards, linen cupboard and living room storage too. Neat and organised storage systems make it easier to put things back where they belong.

2. Deep Clean High Traffic Areas

If you’re going to have people over during Christmas, now is a good time to give your high traffic areas a deep clean. Particularly pay attention to entryways, dining areas and living rooms.

Give the floors a thorough vacuum and mop, vacuum the crevices in your couches and use a microfibre cloth over the TV. On a day that you’re feeling energetic, clean your windows with hot soapy water and old newspapers.

3. Decorate Main Rooms

Now that you’ve got the decluttering and cleaning out of the way, you can focus on the fun part – decorating! Where possible, reuse decorations from previous years or get your family involved in DIY decorations.

Decorating for Christmas is a matter of personal preference and style, but here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Christmas tree with tinsel, lights and baubles
  • Wreath on your front door
  • Personalised stockings
  • Fairy lights inside and out
  • Native flower arrangements
  • Festive garlands

4. Prepare The Guest Bedroom

If you’re hosting guests over the Christmas period, make sure you spend time preparing their room for a comfortable and welcoming stay.

  • Clear out any items that you’re simply storing in the room such as your treadmill or suitcases.
  • Make the bed up with freshly laundered linen.
  • Clear out the drawers in the bedside tables and make space in the cupboard.
  • Get the room smelling nice with a scented candle or an essential oil diffuser.
  • Lay out towels and any other items your guests might need.
  • Throw in a few touches of luxury like decorative pillows, wall art or fresh flowers.

5. Stock The Pantry

Avoid the mad last minute rush to the shops over the holiday period and stock your pantry beforehand. While you’re at it, clear out any items that are expired and give your shelves a wipe down.

If you’re wanting to take a break over the holiday period, consider cooking some extra meals beforehand and freezing them for quick meal prep when you need it.

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6. Set The Table

If you’re hosting a Christmas event, set the table nice and early so that you don’t have to stress about it on the day. Depending on how many people are coming, you may need to rearrange the space or even hire some extra chairs to accommodate everyone.

Give your dining plates and cutlery a good polish and make sure you’ve got enough placemats for everyone. Don’t forget personal touches like Christmas poppers, candles and fresh foliage.

7. Prepare The Outdoor Area

Summer is a great time to make use of your outdoor spaces. Just make sure they’re ready to go before you start inviting guests over.

  • Consider giving your deck a proper wash and coat of oil to protect it from the sun.
  • Dust down your outdoor furniture and arrange it to accommodate the guests you’re expecting.
  • If you’ve got a pool, get it ready for lots of activity and make sure you’ve got plenty of towels on hand to give your guests.
  • Give your barbecue a thorough clean and make sure it’s got enough gas.
  • Put up some lights and festive decorations to make the space feel welcoming.

8. Service your AC

Don’t let your guests swelter on Christmas day – make sure your air conditioner is in top shape. Consider getting a professional service from a local company that specialises in reverse cycle air conditioning Perth.

If you’re worried about how much electricity your AC will chew through during the holiday period, do some research into how to efficiently run air conditioning. Things like setting your thermostat a few degrees higher and cleaning your air filter can help.

9. Get On Top Of Fix-It Jobs

You know those odd jobs around the house that you’ve been putting off? Now is a great time to get them sorted in preparation for Christmas.

  • Check that the light bulbs work in every room.
  • Fix any plumbing leaks or water pressure issues.
  • Ensure your shade cloths are up and in good condition.
  • Test your smoke alarms and replace the batteries if necessary.
  • Oil up any squeaky doors, windows or gates.

10. Enjoy Your Hard Work

Getting organised for the Christmas period is hard work, especially if you’re going to be entertaining guests. But don’t forget to take time to admire your hard work and enjoy the welcoming space you’ve created.

Get started on your preparations as early as possible so that you’ve got enough time to do everything on your list. Don’t forget to get others involved as well. Many of the jobs can be quite fun and therapeutic when you do them with people you love.

Happy preparations, and Merry Christmas!