Deep Cleaning the Stainless Steel Mini Split Air Conditioner

Installation is not the only task that should be performed by a professional technician. As a reputable HVAC company, we recommend annual inspections of your ductless mini split by professionals. Annual maintenance extends the life of your system and keeps it running in tip-top shape. Deep cleansing cannot be done at home, you need to call a professional for it. If you are looking for Mini Split Air Conditioner Repair in Monroe County Michigan, contact us.

Air Conditioning Cleaning

A coating as small as a quarter of a millimetre reduces the efficiency of your system by up to 20%. Obviously, this is terrible for a variety of reasons. When your mini split isn’t working as it should, it has to work harder and use more energy. Your electricity bill could therefore skyrocket. By removing these contaminants, you will also prevent mould from building up in your system. Mould buildup reduces the air quality in your home and puts your family at risk for health problems caused by exposure to mould, allergens, and other pathogens.

Maintenance of the Waterless Mini Split


Annual maintenance and professional deep cleaning aren’t the only ways to keep your mini split problem-free. There are many ways that homeowners can set up, care for, and maintain their ductless mini-split themselves. Mini-splits work best when there are no obstructions around to block airflow. Therefore, during installation, choose the optimal location for both internal and external components.

Annual Cleaning Offer


Turn off the system before starting any maintenance. There should be a switch for the indoor component to turn off the circuit connected to the outdoor unit. This will prevent any possibility of electric shock that is harmful to you and your system. Wiping the exterior with a damp cloth or cleaner once a week is an easy way to keep your system in great shape.

Cleaning of Filters, Coils, and Pipes

There are also several parts to the ductless mini split that you can easily clean and maintain to keep it running as smoothly as possible. For example, regular filter cleaning keeps dirt, debris and dust out of your system while improving the air quality in your home. Every four to six weeks, remove the filter and wipe it with a dry cloth. When you remove the filter for cleaning, you should also check its condition.