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In today’s world, it is difficult to imagine a house that does not have plumbing. Without it, we would not be able to do ordinary homework, monitor the cleanliness of the house and feel comfortable.

If there are problems with the plumbing, we grab the handset to use the services of a plumber. Although sometimes without their participation, it is possible to solve many small problems associated with these household appliances. A plumber is unlikely to share with you the secret of what issues you can solve yourself and will not tell you how to do this without his involvement.

Today we decided to reveal some secrets on how to solve certain problems that may arise during the operation of the plumbing system and plumbing fixtures. Before calling a plumber in North Shore, consider the following points.  Here are the things that your plumber won’t tell you.

Secret 1

Do not throw wet wipes on the toilet! Fibers in wet wipes are much thicker than toilet paper, and they do not dissolve in water. It is not difficult to replace the hose of the washing machine; it is not worth calling the plumber for this and paying money for it. Do not flush fat into the sink. Imagine that the drainage system is blood vessels. The stronger they are clogged with fat, the higher the likelihood of clogging.

No cubes, tablets, replaceable blocks, magnetic rings in the drain tank! All this can interfere with the proper flushing of water. Hissing bombs is a terrible enemy of plumbing. Once in the sewer, they swell and settle on the pipes – which can lead to their breakthrough.

Secret 2

Before buying a house, pay a specialist who can assess the condition of the water supply system, pipes and all plumbing. Carefully inspect the ceiling for leaks and smudges. You must know exactly where and how you can turn off the water if suddenly there was any breakdown of the water supply network inside the apartment. Faucets that shut off the water supply must be in working condition.

Do not be too lazy to replace these nodes with new ones once, so that the consequences of a tiny breakdown do not have global results for your home. Usually, the biggest trouble for the drain in the shower, bath or sink is hair. They are able to clog the drain, and their accumulation leads to rotting of this mass in the pipe. There are works that only a professional can do. And if there is a need, call the plumber, having previously agreed with him on payment.

Secret 3

Replacing some plumbing parts is not such a complicated procedure. The main thing is to follow all the points of the instructions clearly, and everything will work. Calling a plumber during business hours may cost you more. The reason is that on the weekend there are many free specialists who are ready to lend a helping hand at a lower price. If there is a water pipe in your garden for watering the lawn and flower beds, preserve it for the winter period. Do not forget to drain all the water from the system so that it does not freeze at minus temperature and the pipes do not burst.

The more water drips from a closed tap, the more damage it can cause. Accordingly, this will make such a crane more expensive for you. So do not wait too long to call a plumbing. If you want to choose good plumbing, and take care of your finances, call a professional plumber for advice. He will advise the best option, which will be the most economical and practical for you.

Secret 4

Also, listen to the advice of friends. Sometimes reviews about the plumbing of those who have experience in installing and using them are worth its weight in gold. It is not necessary to consider that it is cheaper – it is better. If you decide to save on bathroom repair, you can safely say that the work will not be done in good faith and with high quality. Is that what you want? If plastic pipes are laid in your apartment, never pour liquids with temperatures above 60 degrees into the sink!

This can lead to damage to the plastic and a possible breakthrough of the sewage system. Try to clean the dishes as much as possible from the remnants of food before washing. This is especially true for cereals and flour products. Mixing with water, food particles begin to swell, closing the lumen of the pipes. Do not flush coffee grounds into the sink – it accumulates at the pipe joints. Over time, the remains of your favorite beverage settle on the pipes. The growths gradually become larger in volume and clog the passage.

Secret 5

So, an enameled bath will last much longer; it is advisable not to allow sudden changes in temperature. When you are going to take a bath, it is better to let warm water first, and only after heating the walls turn on hot water. After washing or washing, etc., be sure to close the tap. You not only save water and money but also protect the water supply devices since in working condition they wear out faster.

Do not wash dishes with cold water only. If hot is turned off, heat water in a kettle or pan. This will prevent the deposition of fatty deposits on the siphon, which will attract dirt particles and fragments, which ultimately will certainly lead to blockage. In order to prevent cracks and chips from appearing in the toilet casing, protect it from mechanical damage and hard objects falling into it. To do this, it is enough to install a cover on the device, which, complete with the seat, can be bought at any home goods store. From time to time, having shut off the valve and draining water from the drain tank, flush the toilet bowl with 1-2 buckets of hot water so that rust and scale that got into it from the riser does not accumulate.

Secret 6

Most cleaning products include abrasives. Such drugs are not intended for the daily care of plumbing, as they gradually destroy the coating. Periodically clean the taps and faucets, remove limescale from them. The normal operation of sinks and sinks will be ensured if the siphons of 3-4 liters of hot water are regularly washed (boiling water is suitable only for cast-iron models). To avoid clogging the siphon, cover the drain hole of sinks and sinks with a metal mesh. Want to learn more? Here are 12 things your plumber doesn’t want you to know.


These tips will help you get your plumbing problems fixed right away. Bonus tip: Refrain from draining chemically aggressive substances (for example, acetone, etc.) into the toilet, bath and washbasins, which will adversely affect the condition of the sewer system pipes. Be sure to take note of these tips and share them with others.