7 Things To Take Care Of Before A Hurricane

A storm or a hurricane can be one of the most gruesome disasters that anyone might have to face. With the climate change happening rapidly all around us, people must be aware of what to do in case of an emergency. When the season hits, preparing for a hurricane in advance and knowing what to do seems like the smartest option to do. You might even have sometimes to evacuate your home in these consequences, so it is best to know what to do so that you do not panic when the time comes. Here are things you need to do beforehand. The options by BestSheds.com are simply amazing, and you can get your sheds made according to your requirements. Here are some tips that one must do before the hurricane hits.

Locate A Safe Place

In your house, it is best to try to locate a safe area first. The reason for this is that in case of hurricane hazard, you can keep your family safe. It is best to have a room or area that can shelter you. It may also be necessary to locate the nearest hurricane shelters near your area so that in case you do not have any place in your house. Try to make sure that you know that location well and can go to it in the case you might shelter. It is best to locate all the places and then see which is area shelter is located nearer to you so that you can escape there if need be.

Extra Storage

Another thing that you need to take care of beforehand is your stuff. In the case that a hurricane might occur and you need to make sure that you safeguard your stuff beforehand. Important valuables, documents etc. need to be protected, and the best way to do that is to get an extra shed that is made to withstand hurricanes. With it top-notch quality you can at least have some sorts of security for your stuff also. And this can give you some added storage and space also in other ways. Wit added hurricane protect ton this is a great option.

Make a Plan

It is a very important step and needs to be done. Make sure that you have a proper plan that includes making a list of all emergency numbers that can be contacted in the case of a hurricane situation. Many apps have been created that determine the elevation of your property in the case a hurricane might hit. Make sure you utilize all these things and make a contingency plan to act on if the situation might occur. Discuss your escape plan and important details with all members of the family so that everyone is briefed on what to do. Get everything sorted from money to supplies so that you do not have to worry a lot in case of an emergency. Also, the plan helps you to evacuate fasters.

Gather Supplies

Try to make sure that you gather the supplies and store certain foods before. Make sure you have all sorts of emergency supplies ready to go. Have a supply of water and packaged foods that do not go bad easily. Also, make sure that you have some flashlights also and some spare battery pack. In case of a power outage, it is best to gather the supplies and be prepared for it. Organize for long-term supplies in advance because if a hurricane hits and you might have to evacuate your home, then you need to have supplies that can last you for a few days. Take everything and anything beneficial in the case of an emergency so that nothing is short when you need it.

Prepare Your Home

Make sure that you already prepare your home for all sorts of heavy rainfalls and winds. In the case of a hurricane take proactive measures before to insulate your house as much as possible. Start arranging for it by making sure that the rain gutters of your house are secure. Be sure to keep a tight check on all the drains and making certain that they are clear all the time. In this way, you can avoid the water from standing and flooding all near your house. Make sure you have some ropes and equipment on hand to keep the drains from closing up also. It is best to try to waterproof as much of the areas of your house as you can.

Create an Emergency Kit

In the case that you have to leave your house, it is best to prepare an emergency kit before. Make sure it contains medical supplies, some clothes, some blankets and other necessary items. Try to secure a non-electric analog telephone also in your emergency kit that can help you contact authorities in the case that some injury might occur. It is best to keep ointments; bandages and some antiseptic to clean up wounds as when a hurricane might hit people often suffer from injuries.

Also, when in the house, make sure you have some extra water stored in a bathtub or a bucket to take care of cleaning needs in the case that water supply is cut. Try to carry enough water for every person in the family to avoid any sorts of dehydration.


Know Your Evacuation Route


It is a very important step that every family needs to know in the case a hurricane emergency is declared. The reason for this is that if you do not know your route, you may put your lives at huge risks. Make a written plan with your loved ones and educate them on it fully. Many authorities also recommend people to have a plan of action ready and set to go in the case that it is needed. With less time and resources, knowing your routes and ways out to and safe place can help you avoid any sorts of confusions also. Study the roads and trails set up that you can follow that way it is much safer.  People need to secure themselves and make sure they are taking all precautionary measures for the hurricane season. Follow these things to make certain that you are fully prepared to fight the hurricane with all the possible options.


Infographic on what to do after hurricanes


To prepare for a hurricane, you need more than just organizing skills. You need to be patient and smart in making the right decisions that will help you in delaying with the situations as they come. Follow these steps, and hopefully, you will be able to fight the hurricane beforehand.