5 Things To Consider When Choosing Kitchen Countertops

The kitchen is one space in the house which is always in constant use and does much of the heavy lifting. So, with kitchen countertops, you have to balance the functionality and aesthetics to get the most out of the interior design. You shall find endless materials available for your countertop having differing durability and benefits. But the kitchen design should blend in with the rest of the house and not look out of place. To help you get it right, here are five things you should consider while picking your kitchen countertop.

Understand Your Lifestyle

Your lifestyle is the first thing you should weigh in while deciding a suitable kitchen countertop. You could be the kind of person who doesn’t cook often and prefers to order food or end up having a cooking spree sometimes. Factors such as the frequency of cleaning, the primary purpose of the kitchen, etc. play a vital role in deciding the material for your kitchen design. So, understand your needs and analyse such questions before finalising the countertop.

Pick Your Design Style

Aesthetics of your kitchen are just as important when you are selecting the design. The rest of your house may already have a certain vibe or theme to it along with a colour palette. Thus, matching your kitchen to that style is crucial to make the entire house look cohesive. Marble countertops are remarked for its sheer beauty and elegance while granite is a material that adds a natural style to it. There are other types such as quartz, soapstone, stainless stain, wood, or even ceramic tiles that have their individual perks. Thus, you can easily match your home design with the kitchen counter material!

Account for Durability

Most people design their kitchen keeping long term prospects in mind. But even if you don’t, durability is a key factor in getting the ideal countertop. Materials that are resistant to scratches, heat, chipping, burns, heavy utensils and kitchen appliances need to be chosen for a heavy-duty kitchen design. Many engineered stones are suitable for counters that may experience high traffic. Natural materials such as granite and marble are pretty durable but require sealing when compared to other options. Granite countertops are popular in Indian households which can resist sharp knives and hot pans and pots.

Consider Maintenance

Maintenance is another feature that most homeowners hold to the highest consideration. Granite and marble require to be sealed often to keep up the shiny and elegant look whereas other materials don’t. Though marble is an option a lot of people opt for, it can stain easily. These materials are pretty expensive which can also affect your finances in case you need a replacement due to damage. On the contrary, laminate and quartz countertops are low-maintenance and are more affordable for repair purposes. Stainless steel is another manageable material which is easier to clean and is non-porous.

 Kitchen Countertops

Mind the Budget

The price of countertop material has to be given a thought as affordable doesn’t always translate to being the best. Natural stones may come at an expensive rate, but granite is popular for its heat resistance, strength, and long term usability. But there are a variety of options available to suit your home design and kitchen requirements. So, fix a budget for selecting your countertop as it is a crucial part of any kitchen. In case the choice becomes difficult, you can easily get a professional to help you pick the right material.

By keeping these factors in mind, you can get your hands on the best kitchen countertop without any hassles!