5 Mesmerizing Architectural Lighting Trends

In the past few years, there’s been a change regarding the architectural lighting trends mainly through switching the emphasis from purely aesthetic to something that’s also green and functional. Nowadays, designers are more focused on sustainability, and that is equally implemented in residential and commercial buildings and areas. Since people are getting more conscious regarding the environment, designers have adopted more long-term vision and different perspectives, so for that reason, here are some architectural lighting trends that we will see in the future.

Using Linear Lighting To Highlight Various Features

This type of lighting has been gaining a lot of traction, mainly due to the rising popularity of minimalism. Linear lighting fixtures are used to highlight the different features or provide a feature statement. Due to the characteristics, it can also provide general lighting and flexibility that other types of lighting cannot. Therefore, it’s not uncommon to find it in many public spaces, such as retail, schools, and office buildings. However, in the forthcoming period, linear lights will become more stylish, minimal, and creative, which will only create better and more thoughtfully-designed interiors while also promoting the importance of lighting in public and private spaces.

Using Human-Centric Lighting Solutions To Improve The Well-Being And Happiness

As days go by, people are gaining more knowledge regarding their own health and happiness, which is why we’re expecting to see more human-centric lighting solutions that can do quite a lot. From automatically adjusting the color temperature to adjusting the light to the time of day it’s safe to say that adopting these practices can be of great help, especially to students and office workers. But aside from that, installing these types of lighting can do wonders for one’s routine and self-improvement, mainly during the winter, when days are shorter.

Focusing On Sustainability As A Way Of Paving A Path Toward Green Future

Having a more eco-friendly approach to life isn’t only about recycling and shopping locally. Choosing to use green solutions for homes, schools and other commercial buildings can be a wonderful way to pave a path towards a more sustainable future. This is especially important in high-rise office buildings and places that need to be lit throughout the day. So, in case there’s a commercial space that needs new lighting fixtures, choosing to go with a lighting brand that offers high quality LED solutions can be extremely helpful. It’s well-known that LED lights are more durable, sustainable, and efficient, especially when compared to traditional lighting solutions.

Creating More Thoughtful Approaches For Healthcare Settings

Hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare spaces are fundamental to every society. Even though a lot of people prefer not to think about them, it’s essential to point out the importance of taking care of these places on a regular basis, so creating unique lighting solutions for healthcare settings can support the healing process and create a better and more compassionate environment for patients and clients. Adding various clinical features to economical products without compromising the quality of care has been a huge game-changer in the healthcare environments so far. Additionally, having advanced lighting controls and focusing on efficiency and aesthetics will only improve the way people feel regarding clinics and hospitals in the future.

For Homeowners, There Will Be A Lot Of Focus On Specific Task Lighting

In the upcoming period, there will be a change when it comes to using task lighting, especially in people’s homes. Back in the day, having a bedside lamp or a nice chandelier were peak lighting solutions, but today, interior designers are trying to shift focus towards integrating task lighting into various objects. So, having a light embedded in the bathroom mirror, stair treads or kitchen cabinets will only improve mobility and safety in one’s home. Besides, we will see more lighting fixtures used to highlight art, architecture, and gardens. Lighting the spaces that were traditionally dark will only contribute to a warmer and friendlier ambience.

Having lighting solutions like these can be a sure way to increase efficiency, happiness, and add more stylishness to residential spaces.

These architectural lighting trends are mesmerizing, functional, and sustainable, which is why they’ll be frequently seen in both commercial spaces and domestic households. Therefore, more designers will start focusing on comfort and personal well-being of users, while creating solutions that will benefit everyone involved: students, administrative workers, designers, families, and even pets. So, it’s highly likely that we will see an increase in better and more practical lighting ideas aimed for the betterment of all people regardless of who they are.