A home is a place of serenity. Each room plays a role in the overall feel of the home, its personality and in extension, your own. Creating a warm, vibrant and stylish home requires a lot of thought, patience, and a few tips because it can get pretty tricky. A beautiful dining room is a special place where the family gathers around the tables, share memories over a warm lunch or dinner. For this reason, a stunning dining room table is a key piece of furniture that should be treated as such.

In this blog, we will look at how you can transform your dining room into a space where the much-needed flare is required with design tips and dining room suite ideas. Let’s get into it.

Choosing The Perfect Dining Room Suite

Go Big, Or Go Home

The size of your family and the dynamics of how your share meals may make you think that large furniture is a waste. However, more often than not, dining rooms have a large space and limiting the size of the furniture will make the room seem more empty and dull. Opting to fill up the room with the stunning Julia 9 Piece Dining Room Suite in mahogany is a perfect way to complete your dining room and entertainment area. They come with a table, server, and 8 stylish chairs. This suite has a contemporary aesthetic appeal and enhances any dining rooms living space.

Compact Round Tables Go a Long Way

If you’re limited in space, choosing a round table is a great move. This is primarily because its ideal for compact use of space. If you think about it, round dining tables have less footprint than the usual rectangular or square options, so they can fit into areas like an in-kitchen space or open-plan eating area. If this is what you fancy, the 5 piece Dinette set is a  simple, yet elegant way to draw attention to your dining room.

Mirror Mirror on The Glass Table

Although not every home has ample space and the perfect natural light to create the perfect dining space, getting a glass table will brighten and lighten up a dark room. A round clear table is a beautiful option that comes in 4 dining chairs in assorted colours with stunning steel finishes. Using be best and highest upholstery foam, comfort has never been more attainable.

A Touch of Luxury Statement

You now may have chosen or defined the key focus of your dining room, now that is done, you can now start choosing the type of upholstery, wallpaper and decor items.

Colour and mood: to add sophistication and jazz to your dining room, a backdrop wallpaper is fantastic. This will offer the room a pop of colour to a gloomy space. Another great thing about wallpaper is that if you have a low ceiling, the wallpaper will create a harmonious effect, again depending on the wallpaper you go for, so choose wisely. If simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, a timeless black and white canvas with dining trimmings to add to the mood of the room is also an option.

Lighting: For a mahogany glow to shine through, or reflective glass and marble tops to come through, lighting is important. Considering a suspended light at the centre of a long table like a chandelier will provide adequate lighting along the length of the table and room

Decor: Be smart with your dining room suite centrepieces and the kind of side tables you use. Think about your lifestyle, occasion you usual host, seasons as well as themes. Liquor cabinets, shelves and dressers are traditional whereas movable statues, artwork and fresh greenery are more artistic and contemporary. Each touch you go for needs to represent the entire feel and personality of the room and dining suites.

For whatever occasion, whether it’s family lunches and dinners or get-togethers with friends, make sure that your dining room is ready to entertain. You may still be unsure of what would best suit your dining room, and that’s okay. Guidance from a professional is often the best way to get the most out of your investment. At MHC World, we provide premium, luxury and personalised advice on every item we sell. For your dining room suite needs, speak to us or simply start with browsing our range of furniture and products today.