Why You Must Own At Least 1 Serving Tray?

Serving trays are excellent for serving all-purposes, especially for carrying things from one place to another. But they can also be used for other useful purposes rather than just for basic household chores. People don’t pay much attention to serving trays, although they are one of the most used items in every household. Traditionally people only bring out their serving trays when relatives or friends come over. Little do people know that a simple serving tray can add a lot of class to your home décor, given that it’s done right.

Serving trays, particularly handmade serving trays, have become increasingly popular among people in recent years. They are no longer your basic serving trays. Today they are among the “Trendsetters” for your living room, bedroom, kitchen, and every other space in your house. Who would have thought that serving trays would one day become a beautiful decor ornament? Through the factors mentioned below, you will get a better understanding of why they are not only essential but are a favorite decor item.

How to choose your tray?

Several elements should be kept in mind while you are out to shop that perfect serving tray. Breakdown points like, what size is required for which area? What use will it provide to you? Or where do you want to keep it? If you plan to use a tray regularly to carry fruits, drinks, or teacups, then you will need a large tray. A large tray will have plenty of room for cups and plates.

  1. Aesthetic

The matter of aesthetics is crucial. While choosing the right kind of tray, you have to think from a decorative point of view. It is a plus if it is bright, colorful, and compliments the theme of your room.

  1. Grip

Another important factor that should be considered while making a tray purchase is the grip. You surely don’t want to drop a hot cup of coffee on your guests while serving. Save yourself from the nightmare by carefully considering such factors.

  1. Material

Trays come in a variety of materials, from metal to wood to plastic and even glass. Modern trays are more popular due to their lightweight and the variety in shapes such as circular, oval and square etc. It’s always a good idea to choose a material that fulfills your purpose of usage while you purchase a tray. Always mix and match between the options and colors that fit better for your home.


  1. Living Room

If you want to go for a minimalistic look, you can add a simple white or a monochrome styled tray with some candles or coasters in it and place it at your coffee table. This will not only make the room look great but also less cluttered. You can add other items to the tray to give an organized look to your room while not compromising on your desired decor.

  1. Kitchen Counter

A serving tray can add a unique feature to your boring looking counter. It can serve as a functional and creative purpose. It is always nice to have a look at a grazing platter richly filled with fresh fruits, vegetables, and all kinds of cheese. You can easily pick and nibble on whatever you want from such a colorful serving tray.

  1. Bathroom

Bathroom interiors are considered as an expensive hobby. It is a personal space that remains mostly messy and in usage. Adding items as simple as a tray that can be easily bought in your budget yet maintain a luxurious décor is a delight. A serving tray made of marble or wooden material can keep all your cleansers, lotions, shampoos, towels, and other skincare essentials in one place.

  1. Serving Platters

Trays can be converted into serving platters. With the holiday season being just around the corner, trays can come in handy at your family gatherings, afternoon brunches and late winter hangouts with friends.

You will surely want to add a sophisticated piece of the tray to your serving collection. If you are new to the whole being the host scene, then it would be ideal to buy a large serving tray that can later be used for multiple reasons such as serving desserts or drinks. Tiered trays help elevate the vibe of your gatherings as they are a visual treat and very flexible to use. They can make simple desserts like cookies or just milk chocolate brownies become the life of the party.

They make the best gifts

Trays are considered as one of the best luxe gifts you can give to someone. With holiday season approaching, not everyone has the time to shop around and go through the hassle of choosing something special from the various items in the market. Trays not only appeal to your loved ones but also come in handy for their daily usage.

Do it your way

Having difficulty while finding a tray that matches your décor perfectly? We have got you sorted. Some people are just too picky when it comes to choosing the right kind of tray for themselves. This is where you can put your creative side at play. A simple way to add some creativity while choosing your serving tray is to add a bit of taste and style of your own to it by getting it customized. This makes it more personalized and special.


As you go through the entire article, you will acknowledge that the serving tray is the jack of all trades. Whether you are looking for a sleek centerpiece, or you need a place to put your bar items, a serving tray is your best organizer. One moment you are using it for serving drinks and the next for serving French d’ oeuvres. They will be the highlight of every party at your home. Hence, make the smart choice by purchasing one for your house now.