Why Rugs Are So Expensive?

Rugs add a unique style statement to your home; they tend to become an integral part of your home décor, hence deciding a perfect style for your home is a crucial task. Apart from adding style and chic to your living space, a rug tends to serve multifold purpose. Rugs are a flooring foundation for your interior and helps in combining various décor items in an open floor plan as well! Whether you want to accentuate your interior, or tie your open space together as one, a rug plays an important role in achieving that. In this article, we will discuss the why rugs are so expensive.



The quality of a rug is determined by the material it is made of and affects it durability as well. The main differentiable point between the materials is often seen between their resilience and ease of cleaning. Rugs are most commonly manufactured from natural fibers such as cotton or wool, or synthetic material such as polypropylene or nylon.

  • Wool: A wool rug isn’t just a pretty piece of art for your home; it also has an aura to make your home more cozy and snug-able! A chic wool rug can dampen the noise of footsteps, provide cushion between your feet and hard floor boards and serve as the anchor for any arrangement of furniture. While choosing wool rugs with subtle design, accessorize your living space with colorful pillows, throws, lamps and other accessories to create a pop of colour and add depth to your living space.
  • Nylon: Nylon is a synthetic rug material which is easy to clean and resists dirt and dust. You can lightly vaccum your Nylon rug every week or two to keep it in minty fresh condition. The main disadvantage of a Nylon rug is that it tends to fade over time as Nylon rugs are usually dyed.
  • Polypropylene: Polypropylene rugs are exceptionally durable and easy to clean and maintain. Polypropylene, also known as “olefin” is a synthetic material which is stain and water resistant making it apt for outdoor rugs. You just need to vaccum your polypropylene rug regularly to keep it clean. Polypropylene rug will remain as good as new if you carry out basic maintenance regularly. If you are looking for rug that can withstand dirt, dust and water, go for a polypropylene rug.
  • Cotton: Snuggle deep into the waves of this ocean of comfort and lavishness. Cotton rugs are your go to option for each and every space of your house. Whether place it in your bathroom, and get hassle free due to its super absorbent quality and enjoy your bath or place it in your kitchen and get comfy while cooking for your loved ones. Cotton Rugs offer an easier maintenance than any other rug material. If you have a cotton rug which is small in size you can directly throw it in a washer for a quick and effective cleaning.



Hand knotted or Hand woven Construction Method:

This method is the original “Persian” way of constructing a rug and includes various techniques such as Persian Knot, Flat weave, Turkish, Pile and Loop etc. These are the rugs that can take several months in the making or even a year considering the number of people working on it full time. As this method is quite labor intensive, hence it costs the most. As each knot is individually crafted to create the most reliant foundation hence makes the rug lasts longer. These rugs generally use the highest quality raw materials such as- Wool, Silk or Viscose.

Hand Tufted Construction Method:

This construction method is also considered as “Handmade” except that it uses a tufting gun to make a knot and loop the material like a net mesh and then sticks them together with the help of latex glue. These rugs generally take a few months in making. Although these rugs are gorgeous, they lack the density and character of a hand knotted rug. They are popular with the interior designers and lasts up to 10-15years.

Hand Loomed Construction Method:

This method can be traced back to the Jacquard looms from year ago and is considered as “handmade” as it has the look and feel of handmade rugs. These rugs generally take a few weeks in making. The patterns of these rugs are generally simple as the loom can only go side to side, but the designs are getting better due recent technology. As these rugs are not knotted, it can cause the thread to be pulled out; hence these rugs do not last as longer and generally use a lower end material in making. These rugs last up to 3-4 years.

Machine Made Construction Method:

These rugs are constructed on a machine loom and typically take few hours in making. The knots in these rugs are distributed all over the surface of the rug, vaguely resembling a design. These rugs are generally seen at online stores and large retail shops. These rugs are constructed by materials such as polypropylene, polyurethane. These rugs are difficult to clean, however they are cheap. These rugs last for 5-6 years depending upon the type of material used and the foot traffic it receives.