Why Room Refurbishment Might Be the Best Option?

Looking to make some home improvements this year? A whole home refurb, or a room remodel, could be a winner.

Everyone has learned a few things about themselves in the last year or two. As Coronavirus threatens to rear its ugly head for yet another round, we are all desperate to remain out of lockdown. Nevertheless, we are in danger of being confined to our homes yet again.

While the 2020 crisis saw a huge housing market boom – not all of us could afford that dream home. Some of us have been saving up ever since, and yet more of us are looking for ways to extend the space we already do have, so that we can make the most of it. If you are thinking of doing some home improvement work in the coming months, then you are not alone.

Here are some reasons why a room refurbishment in your home the best alternative to might be moving house this year.

How to Pay for Home Improvements?

Normally, we would recommend that you take out a standard homeowner’s loan should you wish to make such extravagant home improvements. However, we recently learned about the Selina Advance company, who offer Home Equity Line of Credits, right here in the UK. This is the first such company we have heard of offering these loans. They let you borrow up to 80% of the amount your home is worth, and you only must take it out once to get the full amount.

Once you have secured a way to pay for the project, move on to the upgrades.

Don’t Move House, Make Some Upgrades

If you are in the position of having repaid a good amount of your mortgage, don’t’ risk a fresh start. Instead, upgrade the space you do have with some of these tips for a happier home.

1 – Renovate the Kitchen or Bathroom

A kitchen or bathroom renovation can give you a fresh feel that no other refurbished room can give you. A fresh new bathroom or kitchen suite looks exquisite to friends and family. Guests will assume you are a fastidious cleaner, and you will ensure your wet rooms aren’t leaking anywhere.

2 – Invest in Room Addition

We are always touting the benefits of adding a room altogether. A full room refurbishment is one thing, but an extension, a conservatory, a second storey room addition, and a new garage, are all major construction projects that will give you more space. If you have a family that has outgrown your current house, but you can’t afford to move, then adding an extra room is as good as it gets.

3 – Refurbishing a Whole House

It may be that you inherit a property that’s so run down you need to start from scratch. Whole house refurbishments are brilliant for renovating old homes with dodgy electrics or faulty plumbing. Starting from the ground up could be the ideal way to solve and spot structural flaws, and to make your building safer[i].

Remember, when it comes to home improvements, there are only two things that limit you. One is your imagination and two is your budget. Don’t let either catch you out.

[i] https://www.homebuilding.co.uk/advice/renovating-a-house-ultimate-guide