Why Hire A Landscaper When You Can Diy?

When it comes to landscaping it is not any secret it can be a full-time job, it requires patients, planning, and a lot of work, especially when you are starting from scratch, but with so many advanced landscaping tools it can make it quite easier, the average landscaper charges by the job and after to maintenance it weekly can cost you $50 and up, that’s money you can save! Places like home depot garden and other nurseries offer a lot of assistance, not physically but can guide you on stuff like how much topsoil you need, and how many feet down you have to dig before you plant a tree, so don’t just walk in and start spending money without first asking for some help! 

5 Basics You Need Before You Start On Your Garden

1. (Knowing the Size) 

When you first start your garden you will need to know the measurements, this will not only save you time but will also save you money, imagine you have a garden that’s about 200 square feet it may look small but that may require you to buy 40 bags of topsoil to cover the space but if you tell the person working there, they will give you the exact amount you need.

2. (Designing) 

For this you don’t need to hire a landscape architect to draw you a blueprint, all you need is a vision and once you have that draw your design on sketch paper and use a pencil, this should give you an idea of what will go where

3. (Tools) 

When it comes to landscaping, you will need tools but don’t go and start buying fancy equipment, that you may only use once, most of the time the tools you buy are for the first phase, after that is just maintenance, so if the tool is expensive, remember you can always rent it by the day.

4. (Help) 

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Doing landscaping by yourself the first time is hard, especially when it is from the beginning I mean the sun is aiming at you, and there are always people that will work for the day, or even ask a co-worker or relative to give you a hand, once your garden is set up, you can then do the rest on your own.

5. (Picking the Right Plants)

When it comes to plants, don’t think because it looks pretty you can just place them anywhere, some plants are made for the sun while others are grown with shade, pouring water on a plant while it is close to the sun can burn it, and that’s money wasted… so ask before you buy.


Overall landscaping is a great thing for your property, it’s appealing and it raises your property value, and has many interesting facts but most importantly once it’s completed its one hell of a view you can applaud yourself, there’s nothing better than seeing the birds sing and flowers blossoming in the winter, but keep in my mind when it’s cold it won’t look as pretty!