What Is Dustless Floor Refinishing?

Are Hardwood floors beginning to look worn? Are they getting scratched by pets, heavy traffic, or moving? Do you worry that they may need to be stripped completely or replaced with something worse? Don’t worry. Hardwood Floor Refinishing In has been providing exceptional services for dustless hardwood floor refinishing calgary floor installation and finishing services in Calgary and the surrounding areas, for many years. They pride themselves in installing and refinishing hardwood floors using the most up-to-date dustless refinishing technology.

What Is Dustless Floor Finishing?

Refinishing hardwood floors that are showing signs of wear is a good idea. You might be considering a new hardwood floor installation or a restoration. No matter what you choose, it is important to understand that not all refinishing methods are created equal and will produce different results. Refinishing hardwood floors is an option if you don’t have the budget for replacing them. It will take out scratches and dents, as well as minor discoloration.

Dustless floor refinishing uses a hardwood sander to remove any old finishes from the floor. This exposes the floor’s natural wood. Dust particles can build up during refinishing, which can cause damage to your lungs and other belongings. To avoid dust particles, all items within your home had to be covered or removed. Also, occupants would have to leave the house while the floors were being refinished. Dustless floor refinishing eliminates the dangers of dust by cleaning up any sand and dust from your home as soon as it is created. Dust from sanding hardwood floors is not left behind in your home. This makes the process safer, easier, and quicker. Dustless floor refinishing gives your floors a better finish. By eliminating any loose particles, dust is not trapped on the floor.

The Process Is Smoothened By Dustless Refinishing

Dustless refinishing doesn’t require you to prepare your home for the blast of sand. To prepare for the process, you will only need to take the furniture off the floor. The bag will hold any dust that is found in the area and you won’t need to clean it up. Dust containment systems use a bag to collect dust. The bag can be used as a leaf-eater, bagged lawnmower, or other similar tools.

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Dustless Refinishing also offers other benefits like

  • No need to take out any sensitive equipment
  • You don’t need to use strong chemicals to remove the dust
  • You don’t need to seal any other areas of the house during this process
  • Refinishing a dustless floor takes only a few days
  • Dustless floor refinishing can be much cheaper than a full-blown floor refinishing process.
  • Dustless floor refinishing is more suitable for people with allergies than traditional flooring.

Dustless Versus Sandless Refinishing And Restoration

Be wary when looking at hardwood floor installation options or refinishing options. Sandless floor refinishing can often be described as a dustless process. It is not possible to refinish hardwood floors without sanding off any old finishes. Simply put, sandless restoration and refinishing will not be the best option for your hardwood floors. Instead of replacing the finish, sandless methods clean and restore your floors. Many people are unhappy with the results of sandless refinishing. You should be careful when looking at your options for hardwood flooring restoration. Not all options are the same.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing In is equipped with the knowledge and experience to complete the job right the first time. They are the best choice for hardwood flooring installation and dustless wood refinishing. They offer free estimates and in-home consultations. You can contact them today to get your hardwood floors in top shape!