What Are The Services Involved In Commercial Excavation?

Before we proceed to discuss the services offered in commercial excavation contractors Vancouver, let us look at the meaning of excavation. Excavation, especially in the construction industry, is digging up the earth to create a cater that will become the foundation of the building or any other infrastructure. In commercial excavation, it is everything but residential. Commercial excavations are usually carried to construct a public property, for example, a mall, condos, an office building, or any industrial construction. It is solely for commercial purposes, hence digging up the ground to lay the foundation.

In a commercial excavation, things are done a little differently than residential excavation. Unlike housing complex projects, the industrial building will carry multiple purposes; hence the construction will be carried out accordingly. More groundwork would be needed, more quantity of steel and concrete, and the digging has to go deeper. Commercial complexes consist of parking lots and other publicly used areas, so the construction should be such that it is convenient for the people who use the area to be comfortable.

Moreover, the deeper a hole is dug, the more risky and expensive it becomes. And in commercial excavation, there are multiple and variety of machines, personnel, and other factors involved. Before the ground is excavated, some pre-site work is done. Like the use of trucks to take up the residue left after the excavation.

Here are services offered in a commercial excavation.

  • Bridge – Bridges are a type of structure that is constructed with the help of a commercial excavation. This is because the foundation is laid under a waterway, and digging the ground needs removal of sand, mud, even big rocks. Such a complex digging may require explosives and other methods to excavate the ground under the water. Only a commercial excavation can help in digging the ground in this case.

Hazards Associated with Excavations & the Control Measures

  • Drainage – Like a bridge, the drainage is also done in a complex manner. This is because the drain pipes run deep underground to let the water flow freely from one place to another. A commercial excavation is the only type that can dig deep into the earth to set up the pipes according to the planning. Hence a commercial excavator is hired to dig deep holes. Moreover, as the construction would be done deep underground, some removal may have to take place. For example, if the drainage system is being done under a gas station, there may be some residue of oil that needs to be removed. In such cases, a commercial excavation project is taken up.
  • Footing – This is the foundation upon which the buildings or the bridge will be built upon. It gives stability and strength to the infrastructure to stand upright and be balanced. This is a very important part that is taken care of while a commercial excavation. If the footing is not set right, it can lead to major accidents like a building collapse.
  • Stripping – Stripping is clearing the holes after excavation. This is a part of the commercial excavation, where any form of unwanted substances, like dirt and rock, among other things, is cleared from the excavated point. The service provider in charge of the commercial excavation takes care of such things, hence helping in setting a clean crater for a strong foundation of the infrastructure.