Types of Construction Tasks an Excavator Hire Can Assist With 

An excavator though is an earthmoving vehicle but due to its versatility, it can help you with several construction tasks in a project. Featuring a powerful hydraulic engine, its outward boom, and a rotating cab makes it the most popular equipment in any construction project. It’s so popular in construction that a lot of companies have their emblem showing an excavator.

Whether you’re dealing in some small-scale backyard renovation project or you’re going after mega-dam construction, its superior digging power and mobility make it the most reliable and most valuable equipment in a construction field.

A typical excavator comprises of the motors and gears that move the equipment lift the bucket, and a cabin for the operator to sit and be in control of the machinery.

Feeling intrigued? Let’s see why excavators are so essential for heavy construction jobs and what various tasks excavator hire machinery can assist.


One of the most basic and main uses of an excavator is digging trenches, holes, and foundations. No matter what type of earth you’re working in, any of such tasks needs power and precision. That too is what the excavator is famous for. A typical boom and a clawed bucket powered by a hydraulic cylinder let you dig in the soil and pulling it towards the operator. Once the bucket is in there it can be lifted and haul the muck away creating a heap. That heap can be further disposed of with the help of a dump truck.

Material Handling

When you’re on a construction site, you have to move a lot of objects from one place to the other and that requires a lot of energy. If you just let the manual labor do all this lifting work you may not finish your job on time. So, instead of going the wrong way trust your excavator and let it handle this lifting job. It can lift numerous types of materials from precast kerbstones, or concrete panels of an abutment to hand-held hammers and concrete buckets.

Cutting & Hammering

You can use the excavator as a jackhammer by using a hydraulic breaker attachment. It can break heavy strong stones in a spoil that will further make transportation easier or if you need it can break up concrete panels and concrete structures. With such a feature you can undertake a lot of projects in the field of demolition, construction, and quarry exploitation.

Backyard Landscaping

Excavators do come in a variety of sizes and one of a specialized size is that of a mini-excavator. Such an excavator is compact. It’s smaller and lighter in weight that makes it easier to transport quickly and efficiently to various construction sites. You can use these mini-excavators for a different type of residential construction or renovation projects. It can let you handle snow, demolish the small-scale concrete structure, dig small utility trenches, dig a swimming pool, or even make holes for planting trees.

Time to Call Experts

So, now that you’ve seen how hiring an excavator can enable you to undertake numerous construction tasks on the field, why not hire one for your next project? Call us now and we’ll be there with a suitable option that’ll fit your budget and field requirements.