Top 3 Best Table Lamps in 2021

Table lamps are one of the most prominent home appliances found in almost every household in the world. From children to older adults, all utilise it in some or the other way. Students use it while studying and reading. An ideal table lamp should be bright but not so luminous that it hurts your eyes. It should be able to illuminate your work surface with a focused beam. Aside from that, it should be affordable. So in this article, we have listed the three best table lamps you can place in your home to light the new year!

Best 3 Table Lamps in 2021

1. Artichoke Lamp

The Artichoke lamp is not like your ordinary lamp. Even the light it emits is high-quality. It comes in five colour modes and six dining levels. This particular feature helps you in adjusting the light as per your need and requirement. The LED inbuilt in the lamp is equipped with a light diffuser that protects users from light glare and harmful strain. It even has a USB fast charging port that you can use to charge your digital devices. These features make this table lamp most preferred and loved. It is economical and easy to use.

2. TaoTronics Stylish Metal Design Table Lamp

Though this lamp is a little expensive, it delivers quality features for sure. The product is quite durable with its full metal body made out of aluminium. It is light in weight. Hence, it is easy to play around. This lamp also comes with five colour modes and six dimming levels which you can use to adjust according to your needs. You can regulate the light from white to yellow with great ease. The light control panel makes our light setting task easier. The light this table lamp emits is glare-free, hence easy on eyes.

3. FORSA Work Lamp with LED Bulb and Nickel Plating

A Forsa work lamp gives your table an aesthetic look which is more than enough to compliment your home decor. This lamp is perfectly suitable for studying and reading and can be used as a bedside lamp. The lamp is equipped with an LED bulb which is ideal for work purposes like reading or writing. The flexible and adjustable lamp’s arm makes it easy for users to direct the lamp head on the work surface. And last but not least, the lamp is quite Pocket-friendly as it is affordable to buy.


Above are the best lamps that you can buy to increase your home’s grace and liveliness. There are many other lamps in the market which are suitable and affordable for your reading and working time. These table lamps are also ideal for your bedside. The lamp’s light should be easy on the eyes and comfortable for your working times. Go for the one which is resistant and in-expensive both at the same time. It should protect against eye strain and fatigue by delivering glare-free light. Lastly, it should be surface focused so that you experience proper lighting on your work surface.