Top 10 Indoor Plants Your House Is Incomplete Without

You hunt for various ways to deck your home. From swanky decor items to luxe furnishing, your dream of a perfect home always remains top notch. Well, everyone wishes for the same. And why not! Home is a place where freely you can be yourself. It’s a perfect spot, infact, the only spot where you can unwind without the trouble of judgement.

While you have done every bit for your abode and still feel there’s something amiss, we have the answer. Your house needs some plants to invite good vibes, mental peace and a lot of vividness. You might try to reason it out and it would come to you as a pleasant surprise that plants contribute a lot more to the surroundings than it meets the eye.  The NASA research proves that plants eliminate 87% of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) every 24 hours. A study conducted in Agricultural University of Norway shows that plants reduce the sickness rate by 60%. Moreover, according to a study at Kansas State University, plants are believed to  lower blood pressure, pain and anxiety. However, every house plant functions differently. Some plants help improve concentration while the other acts as air purifiers. Know these top 10 indoor plants that are perfect for every home and you should have them too. Take the guide:


This eye-catching plant is one of the best indoor air purifiers. Calathea thrive well in moist soil and require indirect light. However, make sure to keep them at a bright spot without direct sunlight. Place them in some drab corner and they are sure to add life to the space with their beautiful presence.

Snake Plant

Snake plant or Mother-in-Law’s Tongue is one of the most popular houseplants due to its low maintenance characteristics and great benefits. It amazingly acts as an air purifier by removing formaldehyde, xylene, toluene, and nitrogen oxides and other toxins from the environment. This tough plant takes very little space and goes a long time without watering.


Usually growing upto 6 to 10 feet, the bright, waxy leaves, Pothos or Devil’s Eyes is best known to survive under a vast range of conditions, making it one of the most popular houseplants of all times. There are two variants of the plant- Jade Pothos with its dark green leaves also known as the Green Queen and Marble Pothos that is best for little space and has comparatively a slower growth than the Golden variant.


The Holy plant of India, Basil or Tulsi is better known as the Mother Medicine of Nature. The aromatic perennial plant is known to cure physical and psychological stress due to its combination of pharmacological actions. It is also known to normalize blood glucose and blood pressure. The emerging science and research reinforces the Ayurvedic fact that Tulsi is the elixir of life and heals the mind, body and soul.

Peace Lily

One of the primary reasons why Peace Lily has always stood the test of being one of the most sought after buying flowering plants online in India is because of its great ability to grow indoors under minimal conditions. They can easily brighten up your living space with their white flowers. One important thing to note about Peace lilies is that they are far more tolerant of underwatering than overwatering.


As winter knocks on the door, the best flowering plant to please your eyes indoors is the Jasmine. Its sweet aroma spreads fragrance during the nighttime. Jasmine tend to be vigorous climbers, thereby needing a support or trellis to grow. Cool temperature and good circulation of air gives an ideal situation for Jasmine to grow.


You know it is Christmas when you see too many Poinsettia around. Their flashy red or yellow or bicolour leaves called bracts make them one of the most sought-after and popular holiday plants. They need enough warmth, sun and water, in order to grow to their maximum capacity.

Aloe Vera

Best known for treating skin injuries and accelerate healing, Aloe Vera has a long history of its medicinal use. Some of the best benefits of the plant is that it lowers sugar levels, acts as a natural laxative,  and an alternative to mouthwash.

Lucky Bamboo

The plant displays its uniqueness by growing in water! The bamboo plant is termed so because of the resemblance of its stalk to those of bamboo. Different arrangements of lucky bamboo have different meanings and have been a popular part of Chinese culture for centuries. They need filtered sunlight with a weak liquid fertilizer per month in order to grow, flourish and provide benefits.


Anthurium wins every green thumb’s heart with its red, heart-shaped flowers. It’s also called as the Flamingo Flower (Flamingo Lily), Painted Tongue, or Tail Flower. They are popular foliage plants because of their attractive flowering bracts. Water your Anthurium only when the soil is dry to touch.


These popular plants that has become an indispensable part of every household because of their aesthetic appeal and more benefits. So, why should you have second thoughts in including them into your home?