Tips On Creating a Spa Inspired Bathroom

The bathroom is a space where many people opt to unwind and reflect. If your bathroom’s furnishings are clinical, it quickly transforms a space that should be relaxing into one that is depressing. There is endless potential to explore in your bathroom. In this article, we are going to provide some tips on creating a spa inspired bathroom. Our easy to follow tips will help restore tranquility in your shower room.

Keep Your Space Organised

The main aim of designing a spa inspired bathroom is to create a space that is calm and inviting. People visit a spa to unwind and pamper themselves. By following a few of our tips, pampering yourself can become something you do daily, at home.

That being said, an unorganised or cluttered space is the furthest thing from calm and relaxing. The first tip for creating a spa inspired shower room, therefore, is to keep everything organised. Start by assessing what you have and giving your bathroom a good clean. After that, ensure everything has a home and try to adopt a minimalist approach. The less cluttered and more open your bathroom feels, the more calming it is likely to be.

Incorporate Nature

Have you ever heard of biophilic design? If not, it is a design trend that is extremely popular at the moment. Designers who make biophilic design choices are, essentially, attempting to connect our modern built environments with the natural world. Biophilic design recognises our inherent need to be in, and a part of, nature. And this certainly makes sense. Countless studies have shown that being in nature significantly reduces stress and may help to combat depression and anxiety.

Incorporating nature in your bathroom is one of the quickest ways to achieve that spa-like feel. Similarly, it is one of the simplest ways to create a calming atmosphere. There are a number of ways you can do this.

Plants are a great place to start. For the most part they are inexpensive, look fantastic and will help you to feel connected to the natural world. If you are considering introducing plants into your bathroom, you will want to ensure you pick the right ones. Any plant that you place in your bathroom needs to thrive in humid conditions. Equally, if your bathroom does not receive any natural light, it may be worth exploring the faux plants market. Nowadays, you can get artificial plants that look exactly like the real thing.

Use Natural Materials

Incorporating nature in your bathroom does not stop at plants. There are a variety of materials you can source to help you achieve the look and feel of a spa. Stone floors and tiles, as well as wooden storage, are all examples of products that can help forge that connection between yourself and nature.

Choose a Calming Palette

Bathroom Design Tips – How to Create a Luxury Spa at Home…

The colour palette you introduce in your bathroom will contribute greatly towards creating a calm and peaceful environment. We encourage you to avoid harsh and artificial looking colours. Instead, you could take inspiration from nature. Neutral colours such as whites, beiges, light greys and browns will help evoke that spa-like feel. If you wish for something a bit more exciting, think of glacial blues and volcanic reds. Although if you are introducing more bold colours into your palette, you may wish to use them sparingly. The walls, tiles and fixtures will benefit from following a natural colour scheme.

Introduce Relaxing Scents

The key to designing a spa-like bathroom is to create an entire sensory experience for yourself. Although sight accounts for a great deal of this, sounds and scents can also be manipulated. Calming sounds and inviting scents can be introduced in your bathroom for little cost, and will go a long way. You could start by purchasing some scented candles or incense. Additionally, you could purchase a waterproof speaker to play calming music. Spotify has a wealth of playlists dedicated to the sounds of nature.

Think of The Small Touches

Investing in the bigger features like fixtures, tiles, flooring and storage will make the most substantial difference in transforming your bathroom. It is still worth considering the small touches however. Although things like fluffy slippers may seem insignificant, these small touches quickly add up and create the bigger picture. Purchases like large soft towels and a wood bath tray or mat will closely replicate the experience of visiting a spa.

Experiment With Lighting

Your bathroom lighting options are vast. So vast that we could write a whole article just on different lighting. For the purposes of this article, we will try and keep it concise. Sticking with bulbs on the warmer end of the scale will help you achieve that inviting spa-like feel. Interestingly, you can now purchase bulbs that are dimmable. Dialling down a bulb’s power, and sitting in a warm bath, will ensure you are successful in your attempts to create your zen space. For those based in Aylesbury, or nearby, the expert team at GK Plumbing can help you make this transformation in your bathroom. For more information, visit their dedicated Bathrooms page.