Tips on arranging your new sofas

What are the most important items of furniture in your living space? Of course, the sofas. A stylish and trendy sofa can entirely change the dynamics of a place, and it is a plus if it ensures the utmost comfort. In case your sofa is just the opposite, this doesn’t mean you should take the spontaneous decision of throwing away the old sofa lying at your place and spend a fortune in getting a new one. Even if it is an expensive piece, if it doesn’t go well with your space, it will be a misfit.

A study reflects on the importance of furniture placement and lighting. According to the study, a matching sofa isn’t all you need to focus at. Once you are done with the task of finalizing the best sofa fit for your place, the next step is to arrange it in your living space. The arrangement should be made in a manner that would do justice to the sofa itself, and at the same time, blend it with all the other elements in that space. In doing so, don’t forget that the arrangement needs to be functional too. You don’t want your sofa hindering your moving space, or you will start disliking it soon.

Arranging the furniture may sound a little daunting, but it can be a lot of fun. Listed below is a compilation of great ideas and tips to help you arrange your new sofas in the best possible way.

You can always try another arrangement if it doesn’t suit your taste or lifestyle. Keep on experimenting till you find the best one.

  1. Hold on to the symmetry!

This classical arrangement calls for a formal setup. If you are planning to set up space with a formal look, for example, for a formal drawing room, go for this arrangement. The rules for this type of arrangement are pretty simple and well defined. Everything comes in pairs and is placed in perfect symmetry. The lamps, wing chairs, tables, and sofas have to follow this basic rule. The sofas are placed parallel to the walls. This gives a crisp, neat, and formal look.

  1. Play with asymmetry and diagonals

If you have more than one type of sofa for your living space, experiment with diagonals and asymmetry. The idea may sound a little extraordinary, but there is no harm in experimenting. Arrange your sofas in an asymmetrical way diagonal to the walls. It will surely change the whole perspective of the place.

  1. Divide and rule

If you are setting up large living space, consider dividing the space into more than one portions. This arrangement is ideal when you are having more than one group of friends at your place or people belonging to different ages and interests in the same gathering. You can do this by placing sofas of different colors and designs and arrange them in a way that divides the space into smaller portions.

  1. Focus on what is important 

If you have a classic piece of furniture or art and you want to direct attention towards it, this can be done very easily. Arrange your sofas in a manner that would keep the art piece as the center of attraction. Here your sofas need to be kept at a low key. Make sure that nothing obstructs the view, and the piece of art or furniture is only highlighted.

  1. Gaming and watching in the comfort

If you are planning to arrange your new sofas in an area that will be used for watching television and gaming, place the sofas opposite the screen. Make sure the distance between the sofa and the screen is comfortable for the eyes and doesn’t put too much strain on them. One great idea is to add a recliner sofa, which can make for a comfortable lie-down seat during long hours of watching television on game night.

  1. Lots of sofas and talks!

If you live in a grand family who love to sit and indulge in conversations or love to have a large group of friends over at the weekends, arrange your coffee table wrapped around by simple, long sofas. The combination of coffee, snacks, favorite people, deep conversations, and a snuggle-worthy sofa to enjoy it on is the perfect rendition of a night in.

  1. Enjoy the view

If your living space extends into an open space or a beautiful view, don’t ruin the fun. Place your sofas in a way that would let you enjoy the view. One such example is a glass wall. If you have a glass wall with a scenic view, place your sofas in a U-shape opposite the wall. You can also follow the same idea if you have an open kitchen connected to your living area. Arrange your sofas in a way, which will let you feel connected to people sitting in the living room while you work in the kitchen. You can talk and handle cooking simultaneously.

Apart from these ideas, some arrangement tips are mention-worthy:

  • Choose a focal point. It can be a fireplace, an entertainment center, or a trendy sofa. Everything else needs to be arranged, keeping that focal point in view.
  • Do not suffocate your furniture against the walls. Even a small space between the furniture and walls can make the room look bigger. But if you have a large space, you can leave ample moving space between the furniture and the walls. This is the breathing space direly needed by the furniture.
  • Balance is the key. Keep a balance in everything; the colors, size of different elements, and the empty and filled spaces in the room. Do not place all the big pieces in one area and small in another. In the same way, keep a balance in the colors too.

Final Word

These tips are a great help when you are arranging everything in a new space. Follow these pointers if you want to avoid an over the top or a dull look. The idea is to create a harmonious space for you.