Signs That Your Sewer Line Is Possibly Broken

Did it ever occur to you while you smelt the combination of a sewer odor and mold? If yes, you could be suspecting a broken sewer line. How would you know if its time to get the sewer lines repaired? You don’t want to deal with dysfunctional plumbing, mainly if it is going to cost you a fortune to repair. But wait, don’t just think yet that the pipes running through your home are the only ones you need to worry about; if you did, then you need to rethink that.

Basically, a broken sewer pipe is no joke; if left unattended, it could lead to contaminated groundwater, which may lead to flooding. All hidden leaks end up in some severe property damage and a sudden shoot in your water bill, and worst of them all, it can even lead to significant health concerns for you and your family.

If you find your toilet, sink, or tubs leaking with dirty sewer water, the reason could be far more than just a clogged pipeline. You must be well aware of all the warning signs that indicate you towards a leaking or broken sewer pipe. Here, we have listed down some of the signs that you should never ignore.

Sewer blockage and backup

A sewer backup mainly happens due to a blockage in the line. It usually occurs in the lowest open drain. Every time you run water down the drain or flush, and you experience a stoppage, it is more likely that the problem lies in the main sewer lines.

However, if this happens frequently, then you may have an alarming issue, which could be due to a tree root intrusion, a misaligned pipe connection, or a few cracks. These underlying issues undoubtedly seem like a big deal to any homeowner. But don’t lose all your hopes yet, as there are multiple ways to fix these issues. In the meantime, why don’t you leave the problem on-hand to the experts and click here to learn more about such reliable solutions to the sewer blockage issues?

Gas Odor

There could be other symptoms if you want to be a detective and find the reason for the weird smell across your home; it could also be a sign of a crack in the sewer system. You should know that all the sanitary sewer pipes should be airtight all over, meaning that no odor should escape from the pipes, except for the vent stacks on the roof. If you don’t smell anything fishy, you are good to go.

Mold Infestation

If you come across wet spots on the walls, floors, or ceilings, this could also be a sign of a broken water pipe or even a collapsed sewer line.

Mold growth requires a humidity level higher than 55 percent to grow. If there is a sewer pipe cracked behind the walls, it can easily cause the humidity level to go up to the point where mold infestation begins.

So the next time you find a mold growth crawling in your home with a sewer stench, you know what to do then.

Slow Drain

A slow drain also happens when a blockage is there, which again leads to sewage blockage. If you find your sink, bathtub, or toilet draining real slow, ever after you initially cleared out the line, then you have a sewage problem to fix. The reason for this is the same as mentioned above.

Caution: Avoid using chemical drain cleaners to remove the blockage or stop a slow drain. The residue of the chemical in the pipe can eat away the PVC pipes and the cast iron pipes as well.

Greener Grass

So imagine, you wake up one beautiful morning, look out the window and find a lush green garden out of nowhere. Typically, you would be jumping with joy; but sadly, this could also be an alarming situation. If you’re wondering how greener grass could cause a problem?

Well, you should know that your sewage pipe may have experienced a leak underground. As disgusting as it may sound, sewage is an excellent fertilizer for vegetation, everyone with a green thumb would know that. Therefore, with the leak in the sewage pipes seeping into the soil, you will surely find a lush green grass in your garden.

It may be useful for your garden, but it can cause some severe issues soon if not treated in time.

Indentation in under paver or lawns

Another warning sign of a leaking sewer pipe is a lawn or under paver indentation. Having a cracked sewer line can saturate the ground, which causes the soil to dissipate. Your garden would create an indentation or, in simpler words, dips above where the leakage takes place.

Now you see the concern regarding your lawn/garden we talked about earlier.

Sinkholes, settlements and foundation cracks

Now, here comes a scarier issue, brace yourself. Cracks found in the foundation settlement, foundation slab, and sinkholes, too, are termed as some of the extreme symptoms of a sewer pipe leakage.

Septic waste pools

So if you have a sewer leakage, the chances are that your garden would have septic waste pools all over the affected areas. Usually, this problem occurs directly under the pool of sewer water.

Rodents and insects

If you saw the movie Ratatouille, you would know that rats like to live or hide in the sewers. They can crawl from the city mainline and end up in the pipes behind your walls. An average-sized rat can easily squeeze through an opening or a crack in the pipes. Rodents can spread many life-threatening diseases like the plague; it is advisable to get them out of the pipes before it gets worse.

The same is the case with insects like palmetto bugs, cockroaches, and sewer flies. The presence of these rodents and insects is an indication of a broken sewer line. If insect and pest control does not do the trick, get a video inspection of the pipes to locate these little critters and the leakage.


If you experience any of these symptoms mentioned above, then waste no second and call the plumber to get it fixed before things start getting out of hands. No one likes to experience any sewer related problems at home, so stay watchful of these signs for a healthy and peaceful life.