Refinish Your Floors Without The Dust

People who have hardwood floors frequently question whether it is possible in keeping their flooring looking shiny and clean with children playing. They are not only worried about the volume of abuse floors be subjected to from wheels and running feet, but they also are cautious of the harmful dust and fumes that come with regular flooring refinishing. If you are looking for dustless hardwood floor refinishing in Victoria? 1 DAY Refinishing is definitely the best floor refinishing company in Victoria who’s expertise and experience is a guarantee to care for the hardwood flooring. They are specialists in the refinishing of hardwood floors of any kind including staining, sanding and finishing, repair of hardwood and hardwood add-ons hardwood installation of solid and engineered hardwood.

The Advent Of Dust-Free Finishing

Children are typically very susceptible to the negative consequences of chemical fumes as well as dust particles. Many parents are not wanting to tackle flooring refinishing or other floor processes that could harm your health and that of your children. Although chemical fumes and dust are often connected with floor sanding and refinishing, now parents can choose to get their hardwood floors refinished without having to worry about dust and fumes. The advent of dust-free finishing has made it possible and is revolutionizing everything about flooring and refinishing.

Highly Effective Way Of Refinishing Floors

Dustless refinishing is a highly effective way of refinishing floors distinguished by the low amount of fumes and dust required. The majority of floor professionals now provide this service as part of their list of options available to be used by customers. Its distinction from the traditional method of refinishing focuses around the procedure of sanding that creates the fumes and dust that are produced with flooring refinishing. Specialized vacuums are attached to or connected with the floor sander automatically removing the dust and fumes created. In addition to the benefits of using the vacuum system, dustless refinishing uses safer products that have very little volatile organic compound (VOCs). In the majority of cases plants-based oils are utilized instead of the chemical substances commonly used for flooring Refinishing.

7 Things to Know Before You Refinish Hardwood Floors

Brand New Procedure With Amazing Advantages

In addition to its health advantages, this new method can also be considered to be more practical and suitable. It is possible to think that it’s more expensive because it’s a brand new procedure and comes with such amazing advantages. However it is actually less than the standard flooring refinishing process. This is due to the fact that it is quicker and requires less effort, and is completed in about one to two days. This is a huge decrease from the time required that is required for traditional refinishing methods. Because less time is needed to wash off dust and dirt that has accumulated parents do not have to block out a few days for flooring refinishing for their floors. This means less hassle in the long run and less pressure. This is the reason why dustless refinishing has become the preferred choice of real-life homeowners.

Final Thought

If you think your hardwood flooring might need some reviving, consult with a professional who specializes in hardwood refinishing to ensure that there’s no issue that requires attention prior to refinishing and that the floors are sturdy enough to undergo the process of refinishing. If all is well you’re able to contract with a flooring professional to restore your floors with their initial shine, and warmth.