Please Don’t Fall For These Bedroom Design Mistakes

Interior design plays a significant role in bringing out the beauty within a home, and if there’s one room that’s been getting a lot of love over the past few months, then it’s no doubt that bedrooms have been getting some undivided attention as of late. From dabbling in a bit of eclectic aesthetics to introducing a few tufted furniture pieces, all this time holed up inside our homes has awakened the latent interior designer in many of us.

However, while we strongly support the increasing awareness for interior design and can’t wait to see what other bedroom design trends the rest of 2021 has to offer, many people have fallen for design mistakes that leave their bedrooms looking less than desirable. So, today we’ll be going over just what these less appealing approaches to bedroom design exactly are and why you’re better off looking the other way.

Purchasing Furniture & Decor In Sets

If you’ve ever tried shopping for bedroom furniture pre-pandemic, then you’ll know precisely how stores love to stage bedroom sets where everybody can see and make them appear as the bedroom of your dreams. And while we won’t deny that some of the furniture pieces do look great by themselves, we firmly believe that buying the set altogether and not putting extra effort into piecing your ideal bedroom is never a good idea.

  • Comes Off As Lazy: People will argue that bedroom sets exist for the reason of easier design, but just simply picking out a single set without doing some extra searching and matching comes off as lazy. Plus, you can score more points in the aesthetics department by introducing off-pieces and creating an original vibe, not to mention that it will look a million times better than what companies relentlessly advertise.
  • Lack Of Personal Touch: Let’s face it, nobody wants their bedroom to look exactly like the magazine catalog that gets passed around in-store because it exudes an extreme lack of personal touch. A bedroom should reflect your overall personality and the things that help you relax, and not just some standardized design that’s probably being used across every single store out there.

Overcrowding Your Room With Furniture

We’ve all fallen victim to hoarding our bedrooms with way too many things to account for and cramming every piece of functional furniture we can find to get the fleshed-out experience of being a full-time homebody. However, overcrowding your bedroom with too much stuff is just not advisable because it goes against the grain of a bedroom’s number one purpose — relaxation.

  • Cluttered And Messy: From a design perspective, while you might think it gives off a chic and cozy exterior that you can appreciate, the overall look consolidates into one cluttered and messy bedroom. There should never be a need for way too much furniture in one space because it limits your mobility, and it’s one of the reasons why minimalist designs have been gaining popularity since the start of 2020.
  • Encourages Chaos Instead Of Rest: From a psychological perspective, having way too much furniture and decor getting in your way encourages chaos instead of lulling your body and mind to rest. Sure, some people love to claim that they don’t mind the chaotic vibe, but for the vast majority, a cluttered bedroom design could end up eating your much-need sleep.

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Overdesigning With Your Budget

Lastly, we’ve seen time and again where people focus too much of their budget to get that dream makeover and end up wasting every dollar they’ve saved up due to overdesigning. And while we do love the enthusiasm for interior design, it’s never wise to jump the gun and place all your eggs into one basket without addressing the more functional requirements of your bedroom.

  • You Can’t Hide Repairs: No matter how fabulous and eye-catching the bedroom design becomes, it will never have the capacity to hide repairs and more fundamental issues with your bedroom. And regardless of how cozy it will feel and look good in pictures, it won’t do you any good if you haven’t ringed up AC repair services to fix the leak or get a team to replace the squeaky and old floorboards.
  • Outlandish Vs. Timeless: People like to think that you can never go wrong with a bit of extravagance, but there’s a fine line between eye-catching and outlandish that you never want to cross. For example, we would never recommend anyone install ceiling-high headboards because those only work in movies, so it’s always much safer to hedge your design bets on timeless classics that never disappoint.

Of Course, Feel Free To Exercise Creative Freedom

Nevertheless, if you think that there are some unique design trends that you definitely want to see in your personal space, then feel free to exercise your creative freedom. Remember not to go overboard with the whole ordeal, and keep in mind the advice we’ve shared to keep you on the right interior designing path.