Is Snow Free Air Intake And Exhaust Crucial?

It’s critical to maintain your HVAC system on a regular basis to ensure that it runs efficiently. Snow and ice can build up around your furnace’s air intake and exhaust throughout the winter, generating a buildup and the potential for your furnace to stop working. As a built-in safety feature, if your vent pipe becomes blocked with ice or snow, your furnace will likely stop down altogether. Snow accumulation can cause not just an HVAC breakdown, but it can also allow potentially poisonous gasses to enter your home, posing a health and safety risk. You can end up calling an HVAC contractor after hours for a no-heat emergency if you don’t keep an eye on the furnace air intake and exhaust and maintain it clean of snow and debris.


Identifying your HVAC System’s Air Intake and Exhaust

If you’re not sure where the exhaust pipes are, simply follow the pipes that exit your home from your furnace. The air intake and exhaust pipes are located on the opposite side. Snow and ice can accumulate near the location after a big snowfall, obstructing the flow and perhaps blocking it completely. Your best bet is to have a licensed, insured HVAC firm, such as Heating and cooling Grosse Ile Michigan inspect your HVAC system. Their heating service professionals will inspect both the interior and exterior of your system to ensure it is free of debris, dampness, ice, snow, and branches. They’ll also carefully inspect your thermostat, air quality, furnace, and air conditioner so you don’t have to worry about losing heat due to clogged pipes. If a case like this arises, they provide rapid emergency response after hours, nights, and weekends, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Heating and Cooling Specialists

In Grosse Ile, we provide a wide range of heating and conditioning services to both residential and business customers. We can send one of our highly qualified, trained, and experienced experts to your home at any time to service your air conditioning units. We’ll check and inspect your air conditioning system with an HVAC technician to ensure that your window unit or central air system is clean and ready to keep you comfortable as the temperature rises. We can also inspect your heating system, regardless of make or model, to ensure that the right filters are being utilised, your ducts are being cleaned, and all internal parts are in good working order. We also propose and can arrange the necessary regular maintenance for your heating and cooling systems so that they work and run efficiently throughout the year.