IL Bosco Villas: A Sight to Behold

The modern world has drastically evolved in recent years. People are now investing in exotic societies that provide benefits. The villas are large infrastructures that not only look classy but also durable. They were traditionally utilized by only upper-class societies. But nowadays everyone is trying to buy a place in these buildings.

IL Bosco Villas are situated in the new administrative capital of Egypt. These are some of the best societies available. IL Bosco villas are spread in a large open area. The compound is surrounded by natural scenery.

These are the most luxurious societies in the region. Moreover, the region has great facilities for every householder. We will further look into these villas in detail.


The apartments range from 70m2 to 410m2. The buildings range from normal to luxury apartments. You can buy from any of these varieties depending on your budget. Though, with more luxury comes better infrastructure and quality of living. In the starting range, you get basic features like kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. On higher levels, you are provided with a reception area, lobby, and master bedrooms as well. Most tiers do have a terrace included.

However, all the villas in the compound area will provide you with great security and fitness benefits. In addition to that, the place is near to every important location in the capital.


Peace of Mind

Owning a building here will improve your lifestyle. Get away from the city noise and step into the heavenly world. These villas are an extremely blissful place to live. The environment is completely quiet and close to nature.

Spectacular View

These are some of the most amazing localities that one can afford. A bunch of flora and fauna have surrounded the exteriors of the compound. Also, the tall building provides a breathtaking view from the balcony. The entire vegetation can be seen while standing in your apartment.

Access to Clubs

Gyms, swimming pools, social clubs, you name it. The place has everything to keep you fit and healthy. You will never regret buying a villa like this. Whether you want to run in fresh fields or socialize with people, these compounds give you all. Moreover, you will have access to all the facilities throughout the day and night.

Safe and Secure

The entire area is surrounded by advanced security features. Surveillance cams have been installed in every road and building. The security guards are present on every parameter. Large gates with sensors protect the villas from unwanted attention. In addition to that, special care is given in the design and technology of the infrastructure.


Different villas provide different advantages. Therefore, the price varies depending on the facilities and surroundings. The De Joya is maintained by Taj Egypt. These are some of the exotics places to live in. Therefore, the prices are presented accordingly. Starting from just 9,500 EGP, the cost can go up to 11,000 EGP. This price is only per meter. The actual price of a separate apartment starts from 700,000 EGP

What to Take from this? 

The most expensive apartments provide lavishing view and divine features to their users. So, choose according to your requirement and get the best.