How to Restore a Pre-loved Rolex Air King

Watches, especially luxury watches, are such meaningful items. Aside from it is a tool that tells time, it has a deeper meaning to many people. To some people, it gives them confidence; for others, it is a symbolism of hard work, and for many, it signifies success. Whatever your reasons are for acquiring your watches, it is essential that it makes you happy.

Acquiring a brand new watch feels good, but having pre-loved is also good because it has more character, and some people sell their pre-loved watches for a lesser price. Rolex Air King is an iconic timepiece. Although it has new versions, the previous ones are still “in” today. That’s why it’s vital to know how to handle and restore Pre-loved Rolex Air King.

How to Determine the Model of Rolex Air King

Before restoring the Rolex Air King, it is essential to first know your watch’s model to know which specific parts you will need in restoring your timepiece. There are tons of models for this Rolex watch. The production of Rolex Air King started around the year 1945. Since then, many versions of the timepiece have been made with some modifications.

Every Rolex Air King model differs from each other, making the vintage version of the watch far different from the newer versions. Although it all came from the same brand and variety, every model of the timepiece is unique. The first way of determining the timepiece model is by looking at its reference number engraved in its case.

Another way is by looking at the materials used in the watch. Some versions of the timepiece are made out of gold, and some are made of steel. Another way to determine the model of your Rolex Air King is by looking at its dial. Remember that every version of the watch differs from each other, and so by looking at the dial’s design, you will know the model of your timepiece.

Strap Scratches

Many particular watches have contributed to our history, like the Rolex watch that summited Mt. Everest in 1953. Although it’s good to see these watches in perfect condition, removing the scratch and the dents will also remove the timepiece’s historical value, so the best thing to do with these specific watches is to not do anything.

But with a vintage Rolex Air King, if you wish to wear it, there are some ways to make the scratches go away. It depends on which part of the watch has a scratch and the material used in the case of a Rolex Air King, which is mostly made of gold and steel. The first option in removing the scratch by using refinishing pens fills and buffs the watch’s scratches.

Another Option is using Jewelry polish, and the same thing happens when using this method. You can apply this after cleaning the surface of the watch. What’s going to happen is that when you apply jewelry polish to the watch, it inserts a filler into the scratch concealing the gap. The amount of polish will depend on how deep the scratch is.

Crystal Scratches

When dealing with Crystal scratches, you need to know the material used for making them. Most watches are made of acrylic because it’s easy to polish and has a high resistance feature. But with luxury watches like Rolex Air King, the company uses the best materials like sapphire for their timepieces.

Unfortunately, if you scratch the sapphire part of your Rolex Air King, it will be very hard to fix. The first option you should consider is to replace it because of the material’s toughness, making it almost impossible to buff without putting so much effort and even potentially damaging the crystal.

But if you wish to have it fixed for personal reasons, there are also ways. One of the best ways is to apply the diamond paste to the sapphire crystal. The first thing you will do when using this method is to make sure that the surface of the crystal is clean and free of debris. After making sure that it is clean, you can apply the paste in a circular motion.


Many people wear the same watch every day, making the timepiece a massive part of their lives. And so restoring a watch doesn’t only bring back its old look, but also brings back all the memories and history that comes with it. There are many ways to restore an old or pre-loved watch and even more reasons to do it.

Although restoring an old watch can be a lot of work, after seeing the watch, all fixed and back in its perfect condition, all the hard work will all pay-off. It is not only the brand and the quality of the watch that gives value to the watch but also the history that comes with it that gives character to the timepiece, providing the entire process of restoring a priceless experience.