How to Renovate an Old Home?

You’d be surprised to hear that many individuals across the world love purchasing old property and renovating it to sell on or live in. This has become both a hobby and job for a lot of people as it consists of a lot of effort and time well spent. For those who love renovation, the joy is sparked through seeing it enter into its new developed and finalised plans from its original formation. There are many old homes and buildings in Scotland that require renovation – so, many Scottish cities act as a renovation playground! Keep reading to find out four ways you can renovate an old home.

Assess the Home

Firstly, we recommend that you assess the home in its current condition and from here, we can work out what needs completed. Modernising a house is one thing, but completely changing it and upgrading multiple features requires a lot of hard work and dedication. When it comes to the nitty-gritty side of renovating, you should consider hiring an expert such as builder or architect to work out what needs completed in due course. From here, you can adequately manage your budget and spend your hard-earned money on what’s truly necessary.

Replace the Roof

If you have made a habit out of home renovations, then you’ll know that one of the first things that need replaced is the roof. Around 25% of heat in any home is lost through the roof – this is why it is very important to ensure the roof is properly insulated and well maintained. Thanks to the Scottish weather, we need to be more careful of our roofs than anywhere else. The wind and rain can often leave our homes in a rut. With this, we can contact experts in roof repairs Edinburgh to maintain, replace and repair our roofs. This is essential in home renovation!

Clear out all Clutter

A lot of old homes consist of a lot of clutter that needs removed before we can begin any renovation. Many houses that require renovation have been left by older families who have not been able to manage the renovation themselves; or those who have left the job unfinished. Therefore, it is your responsibility to clear out all of the clutter as best you can. You might be lucky and find yourself with a reno-project consisting of absolutely no clutter at all. Sadly, this isn’t always the case! We recommend beginning with one room and working your way around the house rather than attempting to tackle every room at the one time. This can make de-cluttering seem never ending.


At lot of old homes in Scotland have been designed based on older features such as low roofs and small rooms. Therefore, when it comes to old home renovation, you can invest your money in redesigning the structure as it stands. Make rooms bigger, make the ceilings higher and even extend the house outwards. There are unlimited options when it comes to home renovation.

When are you planning to tackle your next home renovation project?