How to Prepare a Study Desk to Motivate Your Child

We understand that motivating your child to study is not an easy task. It is a common trait that children despise studying the most. However, you can lure them into doing their homework or regular learning by preparing a kids study desk that they will love. The more attractive it looks, the more they will be willing to spend time on it. So, we have rounded up a few ways in which you can prepare your child’s study table to grab their attention.

Without any delay, let us proceed to look at what those ways are.

Ways To Prepare A Study Desk

Good parenting lies in fun ways and means that it can make your child do necessary and good things. One such activity is studying, and we have listed a few ways below to prepare their desk to help you motivate them.

  • Adjust the Height

Adjusting the table and chair, according to the child’s height, is necessary. They will like spending time studying, only if they are comfortable with it. It is also not good for their growth to have their legs hanging all the time or if they have to stoop low to write. It will be best to get them the furniture that you can adjust according to their height as they grow.

  • Place in an Appropriate Location

It would be best if you placed the study desk in such a location that they can breathe fresh air and get maximum daylight. It should help your child concentrate better. You should also keep ample space in the center of the desk to spread their books and utilities.

  • Find the Right Size

The desk should be of the appropriate size according to the age and height of your child. It should not be too broad, nor should it be so small that they cannot even open two books simultaneously. However, the desk should also fit comfortably in their study room.

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  • Sufficient Lighting

Lighting is an essential factor to consider. It would help if you never placed the desk in a dark corner of a room. It should have an ample lighting system even at night. Low levels of light will adversely affect your kid’s eyesight. If you find it necessary, you can even place a table lamp according to the child’s requirements.

  • Arrange Materials

Arranging all the materials is also vital for motivating your child to study. You can put organizers on the table to keep their pen, pencils, rulers, etc. If there is a desktop or laptop, place it so that they do not take up all the space on the desk. And to stimulate their learning, you can also add games such as puzzles and other educating plays.


So, you see, if you have to keep your children at their study desk, you will also have to get a bit creative and have to experiment. Kids will love to study if they find their study attractive and exciting. You have to see a thing through their eyes to lure them into learning. Hence, we are hopeful that the techniques to prepare your kid’s study desk mentioned above have helped you map out a way to arrange your child’s study.