How to Choose the Right Ducted AC Unit

There are different kinds of cooling units you can install on commercial buildings. The most common are HVAC units since they provide both heating and cooling properties. But if you want cooling alone, you always have the option of installing AC units. One type that commercial buildings should have is ducted air conditioners.

While you may think that commercial ac units are the best, ducted air conditioners are also cheaper if your building is on a type budget. But if you are convinced enough to buy ducted AC units, you need to learn how to choose the best one so that you get the most out of it. You will not have any issues when you get the best ducted AC units for your building.

Determine the Best Cooling Capacity

Ducted AC systems have different sizes, depending on how much cooling capacity you need for your commercial building. Most of the time, you would want to get an extensive system to distribute air to different parts of the building efficiently and evenly. You should also keep in mind the weather where your building is situated because you may need a more substantial, larger, and more reliable ducted AC system when the weather gets too warm. If you want to get the right system size, you can always consult with a professional commercial ac technician to give you the correct system sizing.

Learn the Noise Levels

Even if you have an efficient ducted AC system, it will get annoying if you choose one that is noisy. People inside commercial buildings will not like hearing the sound of the AC system generating an annoying sound for hours. Before you choose and buy ducted AC systems, you need to determine whether it is noisy or not. You need to keep the noise at a minimum if you do not want to get complaints about the AC being disruptive around the building.

Choose MEPS Compliant Systems

Australia has strict rules that commercial buildings need to follow, and one of those rules is the Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS). AC manufacturers use this compliance to help reduce the cost of operating the ducted AC systems. Purchasing a ducted AC system that is MEPS compliant will help your commercial building reduce energy bills, which lets you save more money to use for other things.

Hire a Certified Technician for the Installation

Once you have decided to choose a ducted AC system, the next step is to find a technician installing the system in your building. Every commercial building will always have a trusty AC technician that can do the maintenance and repairs, but there are specific technicians that you should hire to do the installation. You must hire them if you do not want your ducted AC systems to cause any significant problems in the long run. When you have it installed correctly, the ducted AC system can deliver efficient cooling to several building areas. Make sure you choose a certified and experienced technician to ensure nothing goes wrong during the installation process.

You should turn to companies that sell high-quality and reliable ducted AC systems if you want to get the most out of it. There are well-known companies where you can buy your ducted AC systems. As long as you get them from a trusted seller, your building can enjoy cool air for years.