Get Your Home Clean in Nine Quick and Simple Steps

There can be any number of reasons why you might need to get your home clean, and fast, but it isn’t always easy to achieve. With the following nine simple steps, however, you can make light work of cleaning your home and get the place looking spotless in next to no time:

1. Get Rid Of Trash

Go through every room in your home with a trash bag in hand, and get rid of anything that needs to be disposed of. As you’re doing so, make a mental note of which areas of your home need the most attention when it comes to cleaning and tidying up.

2. Organize Your Cleaning Supplies

With something like a cleaning caddy that you can easily carry, as you move from room to room in your home, you can tackle any cleaning tasks without having to hunt around for the tools and products you need.

3. Work Your Way Down From The Top

Always begin house cleaning at the highest point of a room and work your way down to avoid having to repeat your hard work as dust and grime resettles on a once-cleaned surface.

4. Have A Place For Everything

With a designated spot for every item, and everything always in its place, you can keep clutter to a minimum and reduce the time you have to spend dusting.

5. Don’t Forget The Windows

You might be surprised what a difference clean windows can make to a room, and as such, it’s important not to neglect them when cleaning your home. With a squeegee, you can quickly clean the windows and use newspaper to get rid of any remaining wet spots. If you’ve got a lot of windows, however, why not ask a cleaning company to get them cleaning and streak-free for you?

6. Don’t Throw Your Feather Duster Away

While feather dusters have largely been replaced by microfiber cloths, they are still really effective at getting into smaller spaces, and you can use a microfiber cloth or vacuum cleaner to eliminate any dust dislodged during the process.

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7. Give Greater Attention To Your Kitchen And Laundry Room

These two spaces in the home are often the grubbiest, and yet they are the two rooms that should really be the cleanest. If pushed for time, be sure to at least clean these rooms thoroughly.

8. Sweep And Vacuum

Once you’ve decluttered, picked up the trash and cleaned all dirty surfaces, you can sweep or vacuum the floors to get rid of dust and debris that will inevitable have fallen to the floor during cleaning.

9. Sanitize And Mop

Lastly, use your favorite cleaning solution to wash away all remaining stains and grime and keep the home smelling fresh, by mopping all hardwood or tiled floors, and sanitizing all frequently touched surfaces.

With these tips, you can get your home spotlessly clean in a matter of minutes (depending on how fast you work!), or if you don’t even have time for a speed clean, there’s no shame in asking a cleaning company to get your home clean and tidy instead.