Fix Your Old Roof And Replace It With Colorbond

Most homeowners are fixated on improving the interior décor of their homes. However, some of them forget that the outside appearance of a home matters as much as the inside. As unfair as it may seem, it is no secret that outsiders and property buyers will judge homeowners from the exterior appearance of their homes. The first impression they get the moment they step onto the front lawn determines how they perceive the property owner.

Additionally, an unattractive house exterior causes the value of a home to go down, irrespective of how valuable the property is. As such it is important to take care of a home’s exterior components.

To ensure a home has the much-needed curb-appeal, homeowners should consider investing in colorbond roof replacement.

What Is Colorbond Roofing?

Colorbond is a type of lightweight coated steel material used as a roofing option for both residential and commercial buildings. Despite being lightweight, colorbond is sturdy, durable, and can withstand extreme weather conditions.

With the sudden influx in the demand for metal roofing, a majority of property owners are leaning towards colorbond as their preferred roofing option.

Why Is That?

Below are the reasons why colorbond is one of the best roofing options.

Colorbond Is Lightweight

Colorbond is one of the lightest roofing options in the market. Its weight is a fraction of other roofing materials. Due to its lightweight property, its installation process is faster. Building constructors and builders can easily carry colorbond from one place to the other. Since it is easily portable, it requires less labor, significantly bringing down construction costs.

Another advantage of its lightweight nature is that it only exerts a little pressure on the structure. As such, the stability of the building is not compromised.

Despite the weather, colorbond retains its weight. In wetter climates, which are the norm in Melbourne, colorbond does not absorb water unlike other roofing materials.

Colorbond Is Sturdy

One of the most attractive things about colorbond is its sturdiness. It is the perfect roofing option for all building construction projects.

In the structural design, an architect will design a building with extremely steep or little roof pitches. In other cases, there will not be any pitches. These pitches go a long way in determining the roofing option of the property. However, the best thing about colorbond roofing is that it is perfect for all the above cases.

Less Maintenance Costs

As stated earlier, colorbond roofing is made of steel, which is a material that requires virtually no maintenance. Unlike other roofing materials, colorbond does not require frequent painting as its color is bonded to the metal. This alone, minimizes the probability of the roof chipping or peeling.

Some paint jobs may be required with colorbond roofing but it may be a long time coming.

Resistant To Harsh Climate

If you reside in a place where the climate is often in the extremities, getting a roofing option that can survive the harsh weather conditions is imperative.

Extremely hot temperatures may cause some roofing materials to buckle, peel, or erode. As a result, the wood underneath is left exposed to water damage. Additionally, the roof might experience thermal shock, causing it to expand and contract inconsistently. This puts physical strain on the roofing material, significantly reducing its lifespan.

On the other hand, wet weather conditions can cause moisture to be trapped in the crawl space, forming molds that may cause the wooden structures supporting the roof to rot. In all the above cases, replacing your roof with colorbond is the best option as it is resistant to these extreme temperatures.


It is no secret that the color and appearance of a roofing material goes a long way in determining a property’s curb appeal. It is due to such factors that it is important to install a roof that is both attractive and functional.

Considering that most of the above-named properties of colorbond are functional, let us now look at the aesthetic side of it.

Gone are the days when silver-colored roofing options were a trend, even though they did not complement brick houses. Colorbond roofing comes in a variety of colors to suit every property owner’s preference. It allows homeowners to explore their creativity and come up with a roofing style that stands out from the rest.

It Is A Wise Investment

With the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, making wiser investments is no longer a choice. So, if you are looking to have a roof restoration, go for a material like colorbond that is durable and resilient.

What’s more, colorbond roofing options have a warranty that runs up to 36 years. This is what we call a lifetime warranty and is enough proof that colorbond is made to last. By fixing your old roof and replacing it with colorbond, you can rest easy knowing your property’s roofing is safeguarded for decades to come.

Colorbond Offers Flexibility

Flexibility is another attractive quality of colorbond roofing.

Colorbond roofing can be curved, straightened, or shaped in a variety of ways. Necessary altercations can easily be made to ensure they complement the aesthetics and functionality of a property. What’s more, colorbond suppliers are always ready to showcase their vast selection of profiles to suit different styles.


As you can see, colorbond roofing is one of the best roofing options available in the market. It has a myriad of advantages that property owners cannot afford to ignore. Apart from the above-mentioned attributes, it is also fire resistant and environmentally friendly. With a little care and maintenance, such as washing it twice a year, you are bound to add value to your home. You also have a shiny roof for the next couple of decades, even a lifetime.