Finding The Best Realtors like Katrina Campins

Selling or purchasing a property is not an easy job, and it is one of the biggest financial decisions people will make in their life. That is why finding a good real estate agent with tons of experience to guide you through the process is vital. There is no shortage of agents fighting for the job on the Internet via online advertisements, yard signs, as well as postcards, but with a lot of agents to choose from, finding the suitable one can feel very overwhelming. Listed below are some tips on how to find and hire the perfect professional that suits your need.

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Talk to lenders before hiring an agent

Usually, home shoppers hire agents and dive into their property search before they talk to lenders. According to experts, people need to speak to lenders first to learn how much they can afford. Getting pre-approved for mortgages will provide people with the maximum amount they can borrow, as well as identify possible problems that need to be worked on in the early stages of the process. 

It will help individuals stick to houses in the right price range. Not only that, but it will also show potential sellers and realtors that you are a serious client and buyer. In a competitive market, you will need an excellent pre-approval letter so that buyers will consider your offer.

Get referrals from your inner circle

Ask family members, co-workers, neighbors, and friends of they can recommend a real estate professional with whom they have had a good experience. Usually, you will want an agent with tons of experience working with clients who have the same financial capabilities as you. 

For instance, the needs of customers with little to no experience in this kind of business are very different compared to people with a lot of experience buying properties or buyers who are looking to downsize. Look for an agent who is also a realtor. 

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It means they are not only a licensed real estate agent but also a member of NAR or the National Association of Realtors and formally agreed to follow the NARs code of ethics. Some professionals even have licenses and certifications to show that they have completed the necessary training in certain real estate industry areas. 

Research possible candidates

Start checking the candidates’ online presence. Check their active social media accounts, as well as the websites they use to promote their business and their listings. Please take a closer look at their client reviews on the Internet as well. Do no worry about two or three negative reviews, but more than five bad reviews can be a red flag. 

Check with your area’s real estate regulatory agency to determine whether the agent or firm you are considering is licensed in your state or has violations and got disciplinary actions. Assess and evaluate candidates you are interviewing on your local BBBs (Better Business Bureau’s) website to check if they have received previous clients’ complaints. You can also do deep research using Google; for instance, you can type in “who is Katrina Campins” in the search bar and check out the first three to five search results and read reviews from previous clients.

Interview two to three real estate professionals

It is a perfect opportunity for clients to get a sense of the agent’s style and experience in this work line. Ultimately, clients are looking for realtors who are pretty familiar with a certain area and understand the client’s budget needs. Customers need to see how professional and polished their proposal is. 

The more time and effort they put into their presentation, the more time and effort they will put into presentations when they are working for the client. Clients need a really savvy realtor. The interviews will also give customers a chance to find out the realtor’s preferred way of communication, as well as their availability. If the customer is more comfortable texting or emailing and expect to visit their homes after work hours, you will want a realtor who is happy to do this kind of work.

Take a look at the contract

The contract should show all the terms to which the customer has already agreed, including the realtor’s commission. Usually, the seller pays 6% of the property’s sales price for commissions, with half going to the agent and half going to the client’s agent. The commission rate can be negotiated, but the average commission usually lands closer to 5% in recent years.