Never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today – Benjamin Franklin

A homeowner must agree to this proverb. In order to make sure that your home stays sturdy and beautiful, you must consider every maintenance issue immediately. Overlooking these issues like water seepage and damp walls will compel you to undertake costly repairs in the future.

If you are facing water leakage in your basement or have damp walls in your room, do not ignore it at all! Instead, you must get in touch with professional basement waterproofing contractors to waterproof your house. Homeowners do shy away from hiring professionals as they are concerned about the high costs of the basement waterproofing projects. However, remember the fact that not every waterproofing project will lead to a financial crunch. When it is about providing estimates, a licensed waterproofing contractor does not follow the one-size-fits-all approach. They will consider various aspects before providing you with the estimates for the project.

Factors That Affect The Cost of the Waterproofing Project

Professional basement waterproofing contractors will not provide you with an estimate instantly. They will visit your house, analyze the situation and consider the following aspects before giving you an estimate of the project.


  • The Foundation

The cost of the entire waterproofing project depends on the foundation of your house. If it has a deeper foundation, the contractors will have to spend more time to repair it. So, it will certainly boost the cost of the project. The homes today are built using concrete. But, if your structure is old, it is very much possible that the foundation is made up of bricks, stone or clay.

  • Cause of the Problem

There could be several reasons as to why water is entering your basement. You may believe that the damp walls in your basement are due to the cracks in the foundation. However, it perhaps be due to poor construction of the window well. If the issue is caused by the window well, the cost of the waterproofing project will be quite insignificant.

  • Waterproofing Technique

Generally, the exterior waterproofing technique is costly than the interior waterproofing technique. It is mainly because it involves excavating the earth around your house and installing waterproofing materials efficiently.

Caution Is The Key Here

After taking into account some of the vital aspects, basement waterproofing contractors will provide you with a detailed project estimate. However, always remember the fact that the ultimate cost of the project may vary because of unforeseen circumstances. So, you must be well prepared for additional expenditure.