Dead Compressor—Does It Mean You Need a New AC?

This is one of the worst problems your central air conditioning unit may face, but it is possible that the fault is not a dead compressor – it may be faulty capacitors or an electrical problem. If you turn on, the air conditioning to cool your home and hear a noise from the outdoor cabinet, such as a fan, your compressor is out of order. The error is possible: the compressor will not let you get around with it, and it may not even be in operation.

The HVAC compressor is actually the heart of your air conditioning system, and while it turns the refrigerant into a hot, high-pressure gas, it moves and cools the air in your home. The energy is fed into the refrigerator, which allows it to circulate through the rest of the air conditioning system.

Is This The End Of The Line For Your Air Conditioner?

You may have heard or read that a dead compressor means that your entire air conditioning system needs to be replaced. This is not 100% true, but as so often, it is not always true.

In most cases, the compressor is made up of expensive spare parts, not the compressors themselves, due to a defect in the air conditioning system.

Since dead compressors are usually found in old air conditioners, the first step when starting a new air conditioner is to place the new compressor in a system that is already wasting electricity. Below are the several options you have for a failed compressor in your air conditioning system, along with a list of its costs and benefits.

1. Replace Just The Compressor

Your compressor is still warranted, so you only need to replace it if the warranty guarantees it and if it is still under warranty.

2. Replace The Condenser

If you are limited to large tasks due to your current budget, I would recommend a cheap AC replacement for a few hundred dollars, but not much more.

If you do, you will get a new guarantee, and you will not have to worry about poorly coordinated indoor and outdoor systems that reduce energy efficiency.

3. Replace The Hvac System

The best option is to have your air conditioning and heating replaced individually, but if you have a job to replace them, it will cost you less. This is a good option for those of you who have an old stove that does not live up to expectations.

Don’t Worry; You Have Help

I am not sure that the decision is right for me, but the good news is that I am making this decision alone, and I am happy with that.

Do you have an expert who can tell you when your compressor died or does your technician have the experience to help you choose the best compressors?

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