Creative Ways to Decorate Your Home with Handmade Art

If you’ve been blessed with an artistic side, you’ve probably already found ways to display your artwork in your home. Whether you’ve hung canvas paintings, framed your drawings, or put your sculptures on your bookshelves, you probably have some of your own artwork on display. But what if you want to put your talent to work decorating your home in another way? This article will give you a few ideas on how you can decorate your home with your own artwork that you may not have thought of before.

Paint a Mural

Do you have incredible skill with a paintbrush and paints? Then why constrain yourself to a canvas? Turn the walls of your home into your canvas and genuinely unleash your creative side! You can paint geometric shapes for a modern look or paint a poignant landscape to add some natural beauty to a room. Paint a castle with a princess, knight, and dragon in a kid’s room, or add your favorite sports team’s logo to the den. There are no limits on what you can create!

Sculpt Useful Items

While sculpting items for display is beautiful, you only have so much room on your shelves. Why not consider sculpting items that are both beautiful and functional instead? You might consider sculpting utensil holders or fruit bowls for your kitchen counter, a spoon rest for your stove, organizational bowls and jars for items in the bathroom, and so on. When you can use the things you create every day, you’ll have an even greater appreciation for them.

Decorate the Outside of Your Home

Why keep the beautiful things you create confined to the rooms of your home? Take your creativity outdoors by finding ways to decorate the exterior of your home. Paint beautiful floral designs on your shutters or the trim on your home. Create your own adorable garden sculptures. Design and create welcome signs or other exterior art to fashion a welcoming front porch for visitors. Just make sure that anything you create can withstand outdoor weather conditions!

Paint your Switchplate Covers

How much attention do you pay to your switchplate covers and outlet covers? Probably not much. But these little plates can be the perfect canvas for your creativity! Purchase some paintable switch plate covers and cover them with your own beautiful designs. You’ll turn those little functional features in your home into gorgeous conversation pieces.

Your artistic side shouldn’t be confined to traditional mediums. Let your creativity free and use it to decorate your home by painting the walls and switchplate covers, sculpting everyday items, and beautifying your home’s exterior to your heart’s content!