Cooking the Vegan Way: Must-have Kitchen Appliances for Vegans

Cooking is all about making delicious, simple, and healthy meals in your home. But if you’re busy at work or school, preparing food can be time-consuming and tiring. This is where kitchen appliances come in to make complex and tasty meals possible.

Appliances are important assets in home living, no matter how expensive they are. For instance, a dishwasher may cost you a hundred dollars, but homeowners are willing to pay a premium for dishwasher repair services to have it running again.

For vegans, kitchen appliances are important investments. Practicing veganism is a bold step and a challenge, but certain kitchen appliances can make the vegan life more convenient. Having the right kitchen tools can make a big difference between making healthy vegan recipes and inedible failures.

Walking down at an appliance center can leave vegans confused since there’s no distinction which appliances are best for making vegan meals. In reality, some tools can dramatically transform your vegan food preparation. In this article, we created a list of must-have kitchen appliances for a vegan kitchen. Take note of these items the next time you plan shopping.

Food processor

This kitchen appliance is heaven-sent for vegans and the most versatile kitchen tool. They make grating, chopping, shredding easy for any type of food. They’re available in different sizes and shapes, and the model you’ll purchase will determine its functionality.

Mini food processors can only hold a couple of cups since they have various attachments aside from the blade. Nevertheless, they make great tools for chopping vegetable blends or mixing salad dressings. Instead of cutting them in a particular size or shape, you can simply chuck them in the food processor.

If you’re looking for better functionality and features, go for larger processors. Large models range from seven to 10 cups packed with different blades, such as dough blades for pie and pizza dough, slicer blades for making uniform, thin slices, grater blades for shredding ingredients, and standard blades for grinding sauces and dips.

If you’re planning to buy a food processor, you better invest in a high-quality model since they tend to last longer than buying cheaper ones.

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Like the food processor, the blender is another versatile kitchen appliance that’s routinely used by everyone. With just a single push of a button, a high-powered blender can crush any food into liquid, making them a great tool if you want to make anything creamy and smooth.

Blenders can cover your meals from breakfast to dinner. You can make fruit smoothies, veggie soups, and sauces. This kitchen appliance is sold at different price points but it all comes down to quality and performance.
A great quality blender makes a big difference if you want a smoother and creamier consistency in your veggie mixes.

You can also go for a stick blender if you have a small kitchen and you need a handy and portable blender. They’re basically a stick with blender blades attached on its end. Stick blenders are also known as immersion blenders, which you can simply dump in any container to blend liquids. This is a perfect tool to create creamy smoothies or blend the chunks out on a vegetable-based sauce.


Are you crazy about cooking? Then you certainly need a mixer. This kitchen appliance has two types: electric hand mixer and stand mixer. The electric hand mixer looks like a normal whisk, but with added features. It comes with a set of blades that turn consistently and easily during the mixing process. You can combine, whip, and beat almost any ingredient and remove lumps in your batter mixture.

Meanwhile, stand mixers make great tools for whipping dough with high-speed precision. These mixers serve as a multipurpose tool since they include extra attachments, from vegetable spiralizer to pasta maker. If you’re planning to use a mixer for a single purpose without the attachments, you can settle for a mixer that includes spatulas and hooks for making mixes and dough.

Air fryer

Last but not least, air fryers are becoming hugely popular for food fanatics. They make frying healthier instead of submerging your food in deep fatty oil. The process works by using air circulation, high heat, and a little amount of oil to create crispy foods without the fat.

If you enjoy fried vegetables, such as French fries, fried tofu, vegetable chips, and tempera veggie, then invest in an air fryer.

The best kitchen appliance should offer multiple functionalities to improve your cooking skills and serve delicious meals. For vegans, having decent kitchen appliances can go a long way by allowing you to control the food you eat. Add these kitchen appliances to your wish list to lessen prep time, save money, and cook like a pro.