Beautiful Interior Design Plans That Are Far From Boring

Finnish-American designer Eero Saarinen took an unorthodox approach with his designing that many perceived as unconventional at the time, however, in the 21st century, this basket brimming with pillows is perceived as a miracle to curl up in. Famous for his futuristic approach, Saarinen produced the Womb Chair to accommodate the rising demand for comfort and beauty.

So this means that redecorating with this chair doesn’t necessarily mean starting your journey from the ground up because the smallest details can have the biggest most unexpectedly gratifying impact. Browse through this catalog and enjoy the fantastic samples we’ve listed for you:


No one wants a mundane, mainstream living room that you can find in every other house which is why you should consider adding a touch of texture alongside the Womb Chair to really create an epic space for yourself. The texture is known to enhance preexisting patterns and here it translates into an effortlessly chic and rustic fusion. This sample is a wonderful representation of how a single architectural space can be the perfect platform for a multitude of décor pieces. The multi-dimensional effect is a result of the varied components in the form of a dark black fur rug, hordes of woodsy ornaments, contemporary lights merged with traditional sofas and tables, and the ultra-modern womb chair with its contrasting sea-green coloring. They all come together seamlessly to produce a stunningly inviting and highly domestic mid-century modern living room.

  • Well-Lit and spacious lofts:


The Womb Chair is an invention that was decades ahead of its time making it a sensible article to include into modern homes that feature highly revolutionary designs. The example depicted above combines rustic elements with sophisticated components as the patterns in the background serve the subdued and classic aesthetic of the seating arrangement. Its sculptural form effortlessly achieves a harmonizing balance with the sharp, asymmetrical décor pieces scattered around it.

All the while it continues to draw attention towards its lush and curvaceous figure. The use of pastels in the seating arrangement with the halos cast by the glistening lamps and intriguing choice of art all results in a space that will arouse intrigue and curiosity due to its dramatic and theatrical magnetism.

  • Delicately modernistic:


Owing to its majestic proportions composed in a fiberglass shell covered with foam, encased in a beautiful burgundy soft fabric that sits upon black stained legs, it can occupy the status of a freestanding furniture article. The capacious alcove is a perfect location to place lavishly brocaded cushions and throw blanket to add a more homely touch to this relatively empty space. The entire arrangement is modest and friendly with traces of domesticity found in the delightful pile of books and floral decoration. There’s a sense of radiance from the all-encompassing natural light falling through the abundance of windows that results in a truly unique corner you can recline in all day.

  • Go bold and be contemporary:


If you’re looking to craft an entirely eclectic and dynamic living space whilst still retaining a touch of mid-century modernism, then the Womb Chair in deluxe jade green is a splendid option. This intense makeup incorporates a flourish of decorative accents in the form of ultramodern fixtures all seeped in darker undertones that work beautifully well with the duskier shades of the seating duo. This setup makes use of minimalist and contemporary characteristics with the industrial light hangings and upscale dining area. Spacious rooms with adjoining parlors require ample seating so that the entire place doesn’t feel too empty. All the mirrored and polished surfaces create a luxurious atmosphere.

  • A visual masterpiece


When designing any interior space, most people want to craft a remarkably praiseworthy arrangement that will leave onlookers in awe. With the Womb chair, you can accomplish subtle glamor with its lofty and grandly oversized proportions. By placing it parallel to sensational artwork and a neutral color palette you can really augment its striking frame. Both the art and the chair come across as statement-worthy pieces that’ll impress anyone. The entire vibe here oozes eclectic aura infused with a sprinkle of vibrancy. This attention-grabbing sensation is all caused by the arresting power of the eccentricity brought forth by the chair, supplemented with a humble, single-stemmed side table and matching floral option.

Everyone wants a home that they find visually pleasing yet welcoming in nature, and what better way to achieve this than to install the cozy Womb Chair and ottoman. We’ve presented you with a lot of pretty ideas that’ll assist your aesthetic mission.