Collecting trinkets of your favorite musicians, artists, movies, and sports teams is a fun and therapeutic hobby. These items may seem like dust collectors or a waste of money for others, but the joy and pleasure sparked by them can be unmatched and help you cope through tough times.

However, accumulating items without organizing them can clutter and make your home a stressful den. And because you want to maintain the joy they spark in you, you want to show your collection to decorate your home and to give visitors a visual representation of yourself. Consider these eight stylish ways to organize and display your cherished collection.

Mount Them on Your Wall

Utilize your wall space by mounting collection pieces such as plates, clocks, artwork, and vinyl records to save space, especially if you live in an apartment or condo unit that doesn’t have much room for cabinets or tables. Use hooks, racks, and brackets to keep your collection in place and from breaking. The best part is that you can mix and match and replace some displays to add more texture and interest to your home.

Put Them Behind or in Glass

Artworks aren’t the only thing you can keep in frames. Store chinaware, album CDs, vinyl records, and taxidermied insects in glass frames so you can mount them on the wall. You can also frame longer items, like your lightsaber, katana, or signed baseball bat so that you can display them in your living room or bedroom.

If your wall doesn’t have room for more frames or another gallery, you can place some pieces or your collection in glass bowls or boxes. You will feel like a museum curator of valuable and rare items by displaying your collection with glass.

Maximize Visual Frames

Before affixing your framed pieces on the wall, assess which items complement each other and look good when placed together. You don’t want your collection to look like they were carelessly stuck to the wall. Framing bigger pieces also brings viewers’ eyes to the center then to the smaller pieces. The Rise Makati utilizes the same concept through its lush spaces surrounding the pinwheel-like structure. From a bird’s eye view, you’ll see that the condo is framed by its amenity area.

Create visual frames by placing smaller pieces around more oversized items. Reposition items as you go to see which pieces interlock well. Imagine you have a massive collection of K-pop merchandise. Enclose your large posters and clothing items with smaller printed merchandise, cup holders, banners, and albums placed in a glass frame. Maximizing visual frames creates a composition that brings your eyes to the middle and then to the smaller parts of your wall gallery.

Arrange Them into Groups

Organize your collection by their color, size, and purpose. If your collection comprises small items like buttons, marbles, or seashells, place them in a glass jar so you won’t lose them. Arrange books and video games based on their genre, color, or size, or following an alphabetical order. If you have chinaware of varied sizes, position the largest pieces at the back and the smaller pieces in front. You want to compose your collection so they look more organized and visually appealing.

Utilize Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are readily available in hardware stores, so they are easy to procure. Use them to store and display books, toys, statues, and albums of your favorite bands. Be sure to tightly secure your shelves on the wall to avoid accidents and your beloved collection from falling and breaking. Also, don’t store too many items on one shelf to prevent the weight from causing a shelf to collapse.

Place Them on a Table or Mantle

For pieces that you can’t mount on the wall, place them on a coffee or center table or the mantle in your living room. Strategically place select portions of your collection of small potted plants, vases, tea sets, crystals, seashells, and books to create interesting layouts and patterns on your surfaces.

Choose a surface that will complement your pieces. Neutrals often work well as they complement all sorts of colors and textures. They also give a minimalistic look that makes your collection well-organized.

Display Them on Your Floor

Use your floor space to display your collection of giant vases, potted plants, hand-woven baskets, and sculptures. Place them in one corner of the room so they won’t obstruct your path to make your home look neat and more appealing. You may also display them on the sides of your stairsteps to create a straight line of decor guiding your way up and down. Rearrange them once in a while so they will look exciting and new.

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Repurpose Them

Use your collection of vintage suitcases and boxes as storage for beddings, toys, and other valuable trinkets. You’ll keep your home clutter-free while displaying your lovely classic collection.

Don’t store your old toys in containers or in your attic. Stick them on a large frame to vertically display artifacts of your childhood. Take time to position your toys and link the pieces with each other, creating a visually appealing frame. Just like your wall displays, you want your collection to look professionally organized.

Remember that your collection doesn’t have to be expensive for you to display it. You just have to assess which pieces look good together and which are ideal for your home aesthetics. So, begin arranging and showcasing your precious collection with these eight helpful tips. Don’t forget to admire the artful result of your efforts and how these pieces reflect bits of your personality.