7 Tweaks for Turning Your New House into a Safe and Cozy Oasis

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve finally found that house of your dreams. Congrats! It’s a huge milestone, and with paperwork and down payment out of the way, you’re now ready to move in. Transforming an empty space into a welcoming living area takes a while, but the end result is definitely worth it. With that in mind, here are a couple of tweaks for turning your new house into a safe and cozy oasis.

Secure It With Security Systems And Alarms

Security Systems And Alarms

Your home is the one place where you should be able to feel completely safe and secure. That said, there are different factors that influence how safe you feel at home such as the neighborhood and the overall crime rates. It’s better not to take any risks and wait for bad things to happen to take action. Install security systems and alarms the moment you move in, and make sure to change the locks as well. Check how secure windows and doors are, and consider burglar-proofing your mail slot too.

Have Your New Home Insured

New Home Insured

Many homeowners think that bad things can’t happen to them, despite the statistics saying otherwise. For instance, in 2015, Australia ranked 5th in the world for places with the highest rates of burglaries, with breaking and entering being one of the most common crimes in Queensland. That’s when many Aussies from the Sunshine State started to invest in home insurance for Queenslanders as a way of putting their mind at ease. That way, if trouble ever strikes at home, they’ll have peace of mind knowing that they’re covered for financial losses. Given how burglars strike every 25.7 seconds, having a new home insured certainly pays off.

Light Up The Landscape

Light Up The Landscape

If there’s one thing intruders hate it’s being in the spotlight, and sensor light-equipped exteriors can be quite successful in keeping criminals at bay. Use solar-powered lights to illuminate the pathways and install motion-sensor lights in areas such as the garage, backyard, and the entrance. Aside from warding off intruders, a well-lit landscape will also reduce the risk of you or your guests tripping over the front steps.

Don’t Make It Too Flashy

Putting expensive and flashy items on display is in no way going to make your home any safer. In fact, it’s more likely to get you in trouble. Expensive equipment and fancy outdoor furniture are good indicators that there are things inside worthy of robbing. You’re better off locking valuable items away (cars, garden tools, bikes, etc.) and keeping the blinds down if you’ve got expensive items inside. It’s a part of creating a safe living environment for your family and yourself, so try to blend in with the rest of the neighborhood instead of looking too fancy.

Select An Inviting Color Scheme

Now that you’ve made sure your home is safe and secure you can get to the fun stuff such as decorating. It all starts with choosing the right color palette for your new home. You want to choose colors that give off a welcoming vibe and make your home look inviting. Now, whether you go for bold colors or calm neutrals is up to you, but one thing you should aim for when selecting colors and patterns is balance. Also, rely on different textures and textiles to create a more layered look and make your new home feel comfy and cozy.

Create Inviting Conversation Areas

Once you’ve set the stage with the color scheme, it’s time to move on to adding details that will make your abode a place you can share with others. This can be done by creating inviting conversation areas throughout your home. A stunning dining room equipped with effective lighting will be perfect for entertaining and showing off your culinary skills. Similarly, a nicely arranged coffee table and comfortable furnishings will transform your living room area into a perfectly cozy space for chatting, relaxing, or enjoying a movie.

Stay True To Your Style And Personality

As much as you might like following interior design trends, at the end of the day, it’s your home. As such, it should be a reflection of your personality and unique style. So, don’t feel like you need to follow every single tip. Some rules are made to be broken, so if something feels right and matches your personality, go for it, whether it’s a funky rug, interesting photographs, or a piece that shows off your artistic side. It’ll infuse your living space with unique and genuine energy that your guests are going to love, and you’ll be able to create a loveable abode that’s perfect for making memories.

Wrapping up

Making your new house feel like home is the most interesting part of moving in. While you should definitely strive to make it cozy, don’t forget that safety is just as important. These tips will ensure your home is as secure as it is warm and welcoming so that you can start this new chapter of your life on the right foot.