5 Great Reasons To Install Over Car Storage Boxes

Having a safe place to store extra belongings is in high demand within the apartment communities all around the United States. In some places, installing storage bins may be a bit of a challenge, but what about over car storage solutions? The legs adjust to three different heights, they fit into a standard parking space, and turn thin air into a place to store belongings. With a little bit of creativity and some ingenuity, a property owner can turn unused space into security, privacy, and even cash.

Turn Air Into Storage Space

In most cases, people would assume that in order to install secure storage places into an apartment garage they would need to renovate everything and make room to install the bins. In this case, with this kind of storage box, all you have to do is install the boxes, and let physics do the rest. The air above the hood of the car that is already just sitting there doing nothing suddenly turns into space to store extra stuff. Since the vehicle parks in the parking spot anyway, the empty space above the hood is already available. You just have to install the right solution in order to put it to use.

Clean Up The Clutter

In apartment buildings where residents don’t have enough room to store extra belongings, they will sometimes store their stuff in the area of their parking space at the front of where their vehicle parks. This looks awful and causes clutter. When there are items that are not secured in plain view of everybody that walks by it is an invitation for thieves and vandalism. By installing an over the hood storage solution no room is lost, and the things that were on the ground can go right inside, locked, and secured.

Lots Of Room

Although it is not as big as some conventional storage bins, a storage box has 80 cubic feet of room. That’s a lot of room. You can fit quite a bit of stuff in there. People store holiday ornaments, extra boxes, tools, and even bicycles inside of them. There is plenty of room to provide an adequate storage solution for people that live in large apartment complexes.


When there is stuff to steal that is in plain sight of the general public, thieves can become attracted to that place. Wire storage bins and cluttered garage spots are easy pickings for thieves that want to do a quick grab and dash. When there are strong storage boxes with locks in place, most thieves will think twice before they try to break into them. The more secure a place looks, the less likely there will be thefts and other crimes.

Generate Revenue

The best part of this whole package is that if you install a great storage solution for your residents you will be able to charge a small fee each month in order to balance the costs. A recent survey showed that tenants that would prefer a secure storage solution in their apartment complex would be willing to spend an extra $30 per month to have it. This is a perfect opportunity to add value and security to your property.


What it all boils down to in the end is value and safety. Apartment complexes that offer adequate storage solutions are preferable to the ones that don’t. People like to feel safe and live in places that offer security. When you provide these things you provide a positive environment for everybody. Installing quality storage solutions is not as expensive as you might think. To learn more visit the storage experts Bradyl Storage Solutions and get started on your upgrade today.