3 Reasons Why Concrete Cleaning Is Crucial

Business and developed site owners often underestimate the need for commercial and industrial concrete cleaning Gold Coast. What’s the harm in a little grubby concrete, right? Wrong. Dirty, ill-maintained concrete brings has various disadvantages – for employees, owners, and even your precious customers.

Professional industrial cleaners have extensive insider knowledge of the various concrete cleaning products available. Each product is formulated for different purposes, finishes, and flooring. Using the wrong one would damage the integrity of your concrete. Getting professional help is crucial to prevent this and ensure a safe, healthy environment for your employees and customers.

Concrete cleaning is crucial for your company’s success. Let’s take a look at why.

#1 Health And Safety

Concrete is an extremely porous building material, meaning it’s highly absorbent. In commercial and industrial contexts, there is a lot of dirt and grime produced by the machinery, equipment, and large number of employees. Concrete easily absorbs all this dirt, dust, grime, oil, grease, and even airborne pathogens and allergens!

This results in a hazardous environment for your employees and customers – exposing them to various worrying health and safety risks. You must avoid this at all costs and keep your concrete clean – for the sake of their safety and your cashflow. The importance of concrete cleanliness cannot be emphasised enough in this context.

Allergens, moulds, and bacteria are easily trapped within concrete pores, allowing them to thrive unchecked. This poses a serious risk to those with compromised immune systems and allergies, which can cost you dearly. Through absenteeism, sick days, and even lawsuits, you lose a lot of money.

Their physical safety is also an issue with dirty concrete. The liquids, grease, and oils that get absorbed pose a serious slip, trip, and accident risk for everyone involved. This is especially true for industrial sites, where heavy-duty machinery and vehicles are used. Keeping your concrete clean protects you from any consequent lawsuits or compensation costs.

#2 Durability

Failing to clean your concrete will drastically shorten its functional lifespan. The porous nature of concrete results in various different organic and chemical agents being absorbed into it. Over time they will compromise its integrity and eat away at its finish. The most common invasive agents include:

  •       Dirt, dust, grime, rust
  •       Mould, algae, plant stains
  •       Tire marks, oil, grease
  •       Acids, hazardous chemicals
  •       Bacteria, pathogens, allergens
  •       Any other liquids

Compromised integrity in concrete poses a serious risk for reduced strength and cracking. This can be especially worrying in The Gold Coast, where extreme weather conditions and temperatures already put strain on concrete.

Cleaning your concrete regularly and professionally proactively preserves it and prevents this from happening – saving you long-term by avoiding replacement and repairs.

#3 Public Image

Whether you are working within the commercial, retail, education, emergency, industrial, or any other large-scale industry – keeping a good brand image and public perception is crucial to your overall success in the long-run.

Your workplace – whether a warehouse, office or retail space – is a direct representation of your brand values and identity. It’s important to leave a lasting impression on any customer or member of the public who enters your space. It’s your golden opportunity to build credibility and confidence within your customers, encouraging them to return or recommend your business.

If your concrete flooring is dirty, greasy, and ill-maintained – what message is this sending to your customers? What brand perception could they form? Keeping your concrete clean and fresh will instil a sense of confidence in your customers. They will likely see your brand as a clean, competent, determined, efficient, and well-oiled machine.

Hiring professional industrial cleaners is necessary to thoroughly clean your concrete flooring and walls. This will ensure a safe, appealing environment. They have specialised equipment, project management training, and the technical know-how needed to clean your concrete in a safe and efficient manner.

Here at AAA Industrial Services, we offer all of this and more. Our cleaning team boasts years of experience in cleaning concrete in a variety of large-scale facilities – no matter how hard-to-reach or high! Using environmentally friendly cleaning products, we will leave your concrete spotless and hazard-free. Contact us today for your free quote!