11 Ideas To Get Your Own Quiet Little Space

In today’s chaotic, fast-paced, information-loaded world, many of us are looking for ways to get rid of everyday noise in busy life. In a busy life, find a quiet corner to sit down and do something you like, which is what we are increasingly pursuing today.

It is not an easy task to say goodbye to the outside world, and it is not easy to reconnect with yourself. Occasionally, you can choose a beach holiday or a spa, but we still need more free time in our daily life. You can create a small space at home, just for yourself. When you’re looking for silence, you can close the door at any time, ignoring the noise of the outside world. Here are 11 ways to create a quiet little space to help you.

1.Have good sound insulation

If you need a quiet atmosphere, the first thing to do is shield the outside world. If your small space does not have good sound insulation, then any outside sound can interfere with your quiet thinking time. When you layout small spaces, you must pay attention to the sound insulation problem.

It is recommended to use sound-absorbing materials, such as a sound-absorbing gypsum board ceiling, and the wall can be decorated with PVC sound-absorbing board or a soft-cloth decorative cloth.

2.Add a tatami

In your small space, there are not many empty spaces. If you have too many sundries, it will look very messy and even cause distraction. You can choose to add a tatami. The tatami itself has a super storage space that can be used to store your daily debris and solve many problems.

3.More bookshelves

The best place to put in your small space is books. Books can be quiet, relaxing and can feed the soul. AS you get more books, you can add more bookshelves to meet your collection needs. When you are bored, pick up a book. It can make a very happy afternoon. Besides books, you can also put some collectibles, decorations and so on.

4.Lighting is very important

In addition to having a quiet environment, we also need good lighting in our small space.

The first is natural light. The light must be good, and it is best to have a large window. Your small desk should be close to the window to allow plenty of light to shine in, illuminating your face. If the sun is glaring, you can pull light curtains to soften the light. When you don’t want to read a book or want to work, you can stand and rest and have your own leisure time.

Put a green plant outside the window. On a quiet afternoon, when you feel tired, you can look out the window and see a large green plant to help you eliminate fatigue and protect your eyesight.


Secondly, artificial light is also very important. When the sun is setting and night falls, your small space will become dim, affecting your work or reading. You should choose a dimming small table lamp that can protect your eyes.

5.Soft clock

You need a clock to know the time, not to affect your important work or appointment.

But if the clock makes a loud sound, it will distract you, and you won’t be able to concentrate on your business. You need a soft clock, preferably a beautiful clock, which is not only pleasing but also can live in your own small world, giving you peace of mind.

6.Light tones

The color of the entire small space is elegant, and elegant colors can alleviate visual fatigue and bring relaxation to the body. The recommended wallpapers are available in grey and dark floral styles to create a simple and comfortable space.


If you can, put some green plants nearby, add some anger, more natural, and increase your face value.

Put a green pot on the table. When you are tired, you can look at the green to relieve the pressure on your eyes. The fragrance and fresh air that plants bring can make you feel more comfortable.

8.Photo Wall

Don’t know how to decorate your wall?

It’s better to hang a picture full of memories on the wall, which can add a lot of atmosphere. If you are upset or have a problem at work, you can look at these photos, recall the beautiful pictures, bring a lot of motivation to yourself, and get motivated to work hard again.

9.Sofa bed

Your small space should not only be used for work and study, but also a place to rest when you are free. If conditions permit, equip your small space with a bed, lie down, take a break when you are tired, or take a nap with the sun in the afternoon.


Putting a soft and beautiful carpet on the floor not only makes the eyes more comfortable, but it also makes your feet comfortable. It is a wonderful thing to walk barefoot on the carpet in the summer.

11. Aromatherapy

Everyone has a different sensitivity to odor. Some people like the atmosphere created by the scent. If you like it, you can buy aroma and create a special space that belongs to you. Aroma can help you relax and relieve stress. Your aroma can provide you with a nice little space.

I hope that the above 11 tips will allow you to have a quiet little space of your own, and you won’t be bothered when you need someone to be quiet.

About the Author:

Christina is the marketing director of ENUOTEK. She is a designer specializing in interior decoration. In a rough article, she shared her insights into a range of interiors, decorative techniques, soft furniture and building renovations. For more information, please visit https://www.enuotek.com/.